Oh No. Yoko Designs A Ridiculous Men’s Line For Opening Ceremony. Prices and Pics of Yoko Ono’s Fashions For Men 1969-2012.

This holiday season, Opening Ceremony teamed up with Yoko Ono to create what they call “a very special apparel collection” consisting of 34 high-priced pieces available exclusively at OC.

above: Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony with Yoko Ono (photo courtesy of NY Times)

Titled “Fashions for Men 1969-2012,” the limited-edition line is based on a book of hand-drawn illustrations (shown below) that Yoko presented to John Lennon on the occasion of their wedding. 43 years later, Yoko and Opening Ceremony have worked together to bring her sketches to life.

According to the New York Times, Ms. Ono loved the way her late husband looked in and out of clothes, so many of her pieces accentuate the ‘good bits’ e.g. nipples, buttocks and the crotch area.

The Times reports ““Men were always wanting us to look good and take off everything,” Ms. Ono said. “And we were never able to enjoy men’s sexuality in that way.”

Given that, I can only assume that the collection exemplifies what she believes is a way to enjoy men’s sexuality. While it does nothing for me, you can decide for yourself. Below is the entire collection.

$595 One button two-tone jackets with a single mesh sleeve:

$485 Cut out jackets:

$145 Mesh cut out shoulder shirts:

$200 Eyelet (nipple) shirts:

$150 Eyelet (nipple) tanks:

$255 Cut out (sheer buttocks) trousers:

$250 Conservative (knee cut outs and hand on buttocks) trousers:

$335 Hand trousers:

$200 Jockstrap with an LED light:

$75  Hoodies with Yoko’s sketched icons of buttocks, eyes and words:

$750 Men’s Open Toe Thigh-High Boots:

$250 Men’s Lightbulb Bra:

$245 Men’s leather bell belt:

$400 transparent chest plaque with bells and leather neck strap that reads, “RING FOR YOUR MOMMY PIECE y.o. 69-12:

$55 Slip-on printed stretch knee pads:

Also available is a softcoverbook of her original artwork, accompanied by a CD recording of Yoko’s 1973 composition “Anatano Te (Your Hands) and 3 printed posters featuring, respectively, her line drawing of buttocks, the word dream, and her sketch of eyes.

Illustrations by Yoko Ono brought to life in an animation by Lisa Paclet and Irina Dakeva:

all images courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Shop the collection here.

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Nary A Nipple In The New ‘SFW’ 2013 Pirelli Calendar. Here’s A Look At The Models, The Photos and A Behind The Scenes Video.

The 2013 pirelli calendar

For the first time since I began this blog five years ago, I can feature the Pirelli Calendar without having to tag the post NSFW. Read more

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Much To Many A Gamer’s Delight, Igor Chak’s Space Invaders Alien Couch Is Now A Reality

The Retro Alien Couch (modeled after the classic video game Space Invaders) by Igor Chak is now more than a concept (as you may recall from here) , it’s an actual sofa available for purchase. At least for a limited time. Read more

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New Set of Modernist London II Winter Edition Greeting Cards by Graphic Designer Stefi Orazi

Designer Stefi Orazi of East London has produced her second set of Modernist London Winter Edition cards for 2012.

above: details from London Zoo’s Penguin Pool card and the Centrepoint card.

The elegant and graphic urban snow scenes are printed in 4 special colours. The iconic buildings featured in this set include the Brunswick Centre, Erno Goldfinger’s house on 2 Willow Road, Lubetkin’s Penguin Pool at the London Zoo, Centrepoint as well as her old favorites – Barbican and Golden Lane Estate. She’s also donating £1 of every sale to a homeless charity Shelter this year, making them even more beautiful.

Printed on recycled paper in England, each pack includes 6 illustrated cards (size A6) and envelopes. Since the cards don’t feature any text they work throughout the season as Holiday Greetings, New Year’s Cards or just for special correspondence.

Get your pack here.

Stefi’s first set from 2007 which contained four cards and is no longer available, can be seen here.

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Typographic Chess Set by Hat Trick Design Is Letter Perfect.

Typographic Chess Set

The ultimate gift for the font-loving chess player, Hat-trick design’s Jim Sutherland has created a typographic chess set based on the character forms from the Hoefler & Frere-Jones typeface Champion Gothic. Read more

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The Spectacularly Sparkly 2013 German Vogue Swarovski Horoscope Calendar Combines Gorgeous Photography, Fashion and Jewelry.

2013 German Vogue Swarovski Horoscope Calendar

German Vogue and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have teamed up to produce a series of images for a stunning new 2013 calendar. An impressive collaboration between photographer Lado Alexi (who has shot the calendar for the previous two years) Hamburg-born high-concept stylist Dennis Blys, and Ukrainian über make-up artist, Natalie Franz, the calendar features Swarovski crystallized jewelry and fashions by various designers.  Read more

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In Honor Of Turkey Day, 18 Works of Art Inspired By The Wishbone.

Works of Art Inspired By The Wishbone

The most common belief is that the tradition of breaking the wishbone at Thanksgiving began with the ancient Etruscans and Romans who dried chicken wishbones and touched them as they made a wish. Lacking enough bones to go around the Romans fought over them – breaking them in the process. The Romans were said to have later introduced the practice into Great Britain. Read more

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Incredible – and Enormous – Public Portraits by Hendrik Beikirch.

Artist Hendrik Beikrich 
(aka ecb) first worked as freelance artist in Koblenz, Germany. From 1996 through 2000 he studied art education at university of Koblenz-Landau. It was 
in 1989 that he created his first painting using a spray can
 instead of a brush and he was hooked.

He has since painted portraits on the walls of buildings all over the world, from a Pizzeria in Brooklyn to most recently, the tallest mural in Asia. Works of his can be seen on buildings and underpasses in New Zealand, Korea
, Canada, USA, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, India, Hong Kong, China, Chile, Belarus, Russia and European countries.

Most recently he completed “Where There Is No Struggle, There Is No Strength”, a portrait of a fisherman, the tallest mural in Asia:

And here’s a look at many of his other works on underpasses, apartment buildings, walls and commissions for museums and restaurants:

Hendrick Beikirch

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Portraits Made With A Single Unbroken Black Thread Wrapped Around Nails.

above: Constellation Steffan, Wood panel, brads, single sewing thread

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, who now lives and works in New York, has been featured on several design sites for her amazing Origami Light and Shadow project (shown below) in which Japanese paper and creased and mounted on the wall to give off a shadow that emulates a human face profile. Read more

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