Art Assault. 23 Artists Transform Decommissioned AK-47 Rifles In The Name Of Peace. ALL The Pieces From The AKA Peace Exhibition.

AKA peace Exhibition

The most celebrated names in Contemporary Art united for Peace One Day, to react against the horror of violence globally, with ‘AKA Peace’. Read more

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Kooldog House, A Contemporary and Stylish Indoor Home and Crate For Your Contemporary and Stylish Dog.

kooldog dog crates

The Kooldog house is about as contemporary as an indoor dog house gets. A simple modern shape in two sizes that has various choices of wood laminate finishes, washable micro suede covered foam cushions in three different neutral colors and the option of a crate door. Read more

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Oh Yeah, For $950 I Can Sit On Ryan Gosling’s Face! Or Any One Of These 11 Sexy Celebs.

Face Chair hero IIHIH

Celebrity Photographer and designer Jennifer Graylock offers Sit On My Face Chairs, limited edition Art Chairs of Mid-century design with seat covers featuring her exclusive photographs of eleven sexy famous personalities. The bentwood inspired chairs are signed and numbered and for sale at $950 each. Read more

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Thomas Phifer’s Modern Steel and Glass 8,800 Sq. Foot Taghkanic House Is Still On The Market.

Thomas Phifer Taghkanic House

Looking for a unique modern house about 2 hours outside of New York? This beautiful, exceptionally designed 8,800 square foot home was designed by architect Thomas Phifer, a previous design partner of Richard Meier’s, and is available with or without a renovated farmhouse and 150 additional acres. Read more

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See A Penny, Pick It Up. Or Paint It, If You’re Jacqueline Lou Skaggs.

above: Venus Dreams, 1963

13 pennies are used as miniature canvases for oil paintings titled “Tondi Observations” by Indiana artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs.

above: The Plastic Magician, 1984

In the artist’s own words:
“This small body of twelve works consist of images painted on found, discarded pennies. These pictures pay homage to, not only, the binding ideologies that define our family, religious, social and political worlds- but also to the resonating mythological powers of traditional painting and miniature picture making- much like the Dutch oils on copper from the 17th century. Paid tribute no less on the face of discarded coins these iconic images transcend the coins value while, to some extent, defacing it.

“Abe’s Millennium” is a portrait from a found thrift-store photograph (regrettably sold at a yard sale). The title comes from my knowing that we still have a long way to go.

above: Abe’s Millenium, 1973

“Kisses and Ghosts” is from a portrait of my mother as a child standing next to a bird bath with her brother. I once read a report in which children were asked what they feared most. The two most popular answers were “kisses” and “ghosts”.

above: Kisses and Ghosts, 1951

“Four Witches Stand” is a line in the Pledge of Allegiance.

above: four Witches Stand, 1978

“The Unburning Bush” is a bush that never burned.

above: The Unburning Bush, 1992

“The Field of Sleeping Peasants” is waiting for Picasso.

above: Field of Sleeping Peasants, 1971

“The Baptistery” honors the rain Gods for suburban birds.

above: the Baptistry, 1980

“Through carelessness…” is a random line chosen with my eyes closed from the Chinese book of chance, I-Ching.

above: Through Carelessness He Loses His Cow, 1944

“A Pile of Burnt Wood” is just that, in the approaching evening light. “A Still Life” is too still… and so on.

above: A Pile Of Burnt Wood, 1983

above: A Still Life, 1976

Initially these coins were going to be spent- nestled with other coins in an exchange of goods. Or tossed back to the sidewalks from whence they came. Nice thoughts. However, these works remain hoarded as art rather than currency or discarded, valueless copper.”

above: The Last Supper Table, 1990

Jacqueline is currently represented by SUGAR, 449 Troutman St #3-5, Bushwick, Brooklyn #718.417.1180

brought to my attention by the Global Art Junkie

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From The Slutty to The Sublime. The Blonds Psycho Beach Party.

The Blonds Psycho Beach Party

The Blonds Psycho Beach Party, their 2013 Spring Collection, trotted down the runway to cheesy disco music with models clad in big blond wigs. Bathing suits, bustiers, corsets, skirts, lingerie, tanks, leggings and the occasional jacket made up the design duo’s newest collection. Read more

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The Conversion Of The Convent de Sant Francesc by Architect David Closes

The Convent de Sant Francesc

The intervention in the church of the convent of Sant Francesc, located in the Catalan town of Santpedor, was meant to convert the building into a cultural facility. The two phases implemented have allowed the building to be put to use as an auditorium and multipurpose cultural space. Read more

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Mid-Century Modern Wall-Mounted Plant Pods For Succulents by Dominic Fiorello Studio.

Wall-Mounted Plant Pods

After researching the care needed for succulent plants, designer Dominic Fiorello  of Dominic Fiorello Studio designed this pod-like planter to be created on a CNC router. They hang vertically to display all the different views that can potentially be seen in an individual pod. Read more

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Kanera’s Custom Made Furniture For Their Beautiful Undulating Wash Basins.

Kanera's Custom Made Furniture

About four years ago I wrote a post on some lovely custom made sinks made by Germany’s Kanera whose basins, with their undulating forms, let the water pool like little natural lakes. Read more

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