Qualy Shakes Things Up With Two New Awesome Seasoning and Spice Shaker Sets.

seasoning and spice shaker sets

Two different Seasoning and Spice Shaker Sets have just been introduced by Qualy of Thailand. Four Seasons and Animal Parade consist of four clear domes (with holes in the tops) in a white tray in which you can place herbs, spices and seasonings. With a look reminiscent of snow domes, the products are both fun and functional, like all of Qualy’s products. Read more

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No Room For An Aquarium? Think Again. 20 Unusual Places In Your Home For Fish Tanks.

Unusual Places In Your Home For Fish Tanks

I’ve been obsessed with fish tanks and aquariums for quite awhile. I even record Tanked (which I highly recommend). But I never seem to have the space needed to put a saltwater or freshwater aquarium in my home. Then again, I hadn’t considered all the following options. Read more

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In Praise of Pop Culture. Re-Imagined Religious Virgin Mary Statuettes.

Five years ago, I first introduced you to artist Soasig Chamaillard and her “Appartitions”, repurposed religious statuettes of the Madonna (a post in which the photos have been recently updated.)

Since that time, the project has been ongoing, despite the controversy over her work, and Soasig has continued to take existing figurines of the Virgin Mary and re-imagine them as pop culture icons like Star Wars’ Obi Wan Kenobi, Hello Kitty, Super Mario, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, A Beauty Pageant Winner, Power Rangers, Vampires, Cowboys and Indians and even Astronauts. They are only getting better. See for yourself.

Hello Mary:

Nouvelle lune (New Moon):

Vierge de couleur (Holy color/Paint By Numbers):

Marie Rockstar (Rockstar Mary):

Sainte Force (Holy Force):

Super Marie O (Super Mary O):

Sainte Moon (
Holy Moon):

Sang Pitié (Bloody Mercy):

Disparition (

Sainta Claus:

Nouvelle Bible (
New Bible):

Sainte Lumière
 (Holy Light):


Sioux Marie
 (Sioux Mary):

Sainte John (St. John after John Wayne):

Rainbow Land:

Sainte Miss:

Holy Pocket:

My Little Mary:

Force Rose et al (Pink Power Ranger et al.) Power Rangers:

Vierge au petit robot (Virgin Mary with little robot):

For the prices and availability of statues contact info@galerie-albane.com

Art paper posters, like those shown above, in limited series of 50 copies are signed and for sale through the Albane Gallery website.

“Apparitions”, édité par la Galerie Albane
Format : 28×21 cm, 56 pages
Prix : 25 euros
Buy it here

“NouvellesApparitions”, édité par la Galerie Albane
Format : 30,5×20 cm, 66 pages
Prix : 25 euros
Buy it here

Soasig Chamaillard

Don’t Forget to see her earlier Apparitions here

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A Case Of Bass. Vintage Suitcases and Train Cases Turned Into One of A Kind Speakers.

In March of this year, the Cimino-Hurt brothers decided to launch A Case Of Bass, combining two greats: vintage electronics and vintage luggage, to make super sweet boomboxes. While not the first to do this (I blogged about a similar company named BoomCases years ago), these are significantly more affordable.

above: The Cimino-Hurt brothers combine ‘tude and talent

The Portland-based company, A Case of Bass, creates portable sound systems hand-built to ensure quality and craftsmanship. Each “Case of Bass” is created after scouring the world for the finest unique vintage suitcases (train cases, brief cases and make-up cases, too) and then pairing them with a selection of speakers that guarantee the best combination of sound and aesthetic.

The Burlap Banger:

The Champ:

The Starflight:



The cases incorporate – to your specifications – the types of accessories that will make your case unique to you. These include input types, amplifier sizes, power supplies and batteries, and finally any personal detailing you might desire.




In partnership with local Portland businesses, artists, and craftsmen they create these one of a kind portable parties.

Up-cycled and Sustainable
Sustainability, for those at A Case of Bass, means taking materials and designs, into which great amounts of energy have already been committed, and re-purposing them to extend that investment. It’s not recycling, where objects are stripped into the basic materials and then smelted back into something else. It’s up-cycling, where things are given new life and expected to be passed on or designed to be completely usable for something else without the need of deteriorating initial energy investment.




Because the brothers want to give universal access, they do things like sell their products at an affordable price and make an eighth inch input standard on all of the cases. They use some new electronics, but only when they can’t find a reliable substitute from their rescued electronics. When providing things that have great environmental and economic impact implicit in their construction, like batteries, they strive for low impact, long life, and of course, rechargeable systems. At present they offer lithium ion rechargeable packs that are lightweight, high capacity, and high efficiency.


Ruby the Riveter:

Finally, to demonstrate the overall sustainability of each case, they give a percent by mass of up-cycled material for each case. This is a process and they don’t profess to have all the answers but are working to continuously improve the quality of each case as an environmentally and socially responsible piece of electronics.

A Case of Bass
Online store
Local Portland retailers:
Hellion Gallery
Tender Loving Empire
Hollywood Babylon

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Southern Comfort’s New Spot, Beach, Brings Us A New Hero and Unlikely Sex Symbol.

The strategy ‘be yourself’ or “be comfortable with who you are” is nothing new – especially for liquor. But when visually communicated with the synthesis of brilliant casting, great music, impeccable direction by Tim Godsall and perfect pacing, such as “Beach”, a new spot for Southern Comfort by Weiden & Kennedy, New York, it feels breakthrough.

“Beach,” featuring the song “Hit or Miss” by Odetta:

Featuring the song “Hit or Miss” by Odetta, the 90 second spot (which airs on tv as a 60:), turns an unlikely sex symbol into one. The mustachioed, sun-kissed, stout, speedo-clad, middle-aged man saunters with such swagger and confidence to the lyrics ‘I gotta be me… ain’t nobody just like this, I gotta be me, Baby, hit or miss” that he appeals to women and men alike.

Move over “Most Interesting Man In The World”… I think I have a new hero.

Southern Comfort. Whatever’s Comfortable.

Full Credits:
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York
Client: Southern Comfort
ECD: Scott Vitrone
ECD: Ian Reichenthal
CD: Ian Reichenthal
CD: Scott Vitrone
CW: Nick Kaplan
AD: Jeff Dryer
Head of Content Production: Lora Schulson
Producer: Alison Hill
Head of Brand Strategy: Stuart Smith
Digital Strategist: Marshall Ball
Brand Strategist: Ben Alter
Director of Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
EP: Holly Vega
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Line Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Director of Photography: Edu Grau
Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Post Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld
Editorial Assistant: Ryan Steele
VFX Company: Suspect
VFX Executive Creative Director: Tim Crean
VFX Supervisor: John Geehreng
VFX Flame Artist: John Geehreng
VFX CG Artists: Cedrick Gousse
Producer: Tsiliana Jolson
Telecine Company: CO3
Colorist: Tim Masick
Mix Company: Heard City
Mixer: Phil Loeb
Sound Designer: Phil Loeb
Sound Designer: Sam Shaffer
EP: Gloria Pitagorsky
Music Supervision Company: Good Ear Music Supervision
Music Supervisor: Andrew Charles Kahn
Song: Hit or Miss
Artist: Odetta

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Highland Park 50 Year Old Whisky Limited Edition Bottle Wins 2012 Design Award.

Highland Park Whisky Bottle

Recently, the stunning, and extraordinarily expensive (just over $15,000), limited edition bottle designed for Highland Park’s oldest ever island single malt whisky – Highland Park 50 year old, won the award for Best Design at the World Whiskies Award 2012. Read more

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Inflatable Pods Pop Up For Commercial and Residential Use: AirClad

AirClad Inflatable pods

With the growing popularity of ‘Pop Up’ events like fashion shows, art exhibits. concerts, demos, promotional marketing, food fairs and the like, the idea of creating temporary and portable but sturdy inflatable structures that can be furnished, lit and branded is a smart one. Read more

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Dryer Lint Handroll Anyone? Sushi Sculptures Made With Actual Lint.

dryer lint sushi

Artist Slater Barron works in several different mediums and has created everything from large scale installations to small sculptures. But what caught my eye were her actual size sculptures of sushi handcrafted from real dryer lint. Read more

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Roger Goldammer Combines Knowledge, Passion and Parts in Cool Custom Cycles.

Roger Goldammer is a Canadian motorcycle builder most known for winning the World championship of bike building three times. The custom cycles he builds are one a kind. These are not production bikes, but bikes commissioned for individual clients and projects. You can order bikes that are similar to the one-off bikes shown in this post.

More often than not he builds the frame, hand shapes tanks, machines and fabricates the bulk of the components and seamlessly pulls everything together to achieve a certain aesthetic or performance goal.

He and his team build bikes to suit a wide array of price ranges and requirements. A basic full custom bike starts around $50,000. The cost of a motorcycle that will be a contender at international shows can cost anywhere from $70,000 and up.



Nortorious (yes, that’s the correct spelling):





In addition to creating custom cycles, Goldammer creates custom parts and performs specialty repairs.

“I build all these high end bikes but I’m also the guy sweeping the floor at the end of the day and the guy answering the phone.”— Roger Goldammer

About Roger Goldammer (from his site)

Roger’s passion for performance in both form and function can be seen in all of his work. From an old shovelhead that he’s getting back on the road to a custom build destined for the Bonneville Salt Flats, Roger’s love of metal and engines is expressed in every detail.

above: Roger wins the World championship of bike building for the third time

Roger gained his foundation with training and an apprenticeship in machining and engine building from BCIT, then relocated to Phoenix to study at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle mechanics training facility MMI. As soon as he was able to focus on his passion for motorcycle building he quickly gained recognition in the bike community and stacked up an impressive list of awards and accolades.

Surrounded by a collection of performance motorcycles, Roger still grabs his dirt bike on the weekend to rip it up on the local hills with his boys. He’s even been caught chasing his dogs around the yard on a mini-bike.. yes.. a mini bike. A simple passion for riding and creating clean lines keeps the Goldammer shop turning out solid work.

Roger’s range of projects is pretty diverse. Manufacturing parts, bike performance work, custom builds and even prototyping. Early on the Goldammer Shop’s main focus was anything motorcycles. The bikes he builds have always shared technology but his ability to think outside of the box and experiment has created opportunities to work on unique projects outside of the motorcycle industry.

Goldammer Custom Cycle Works

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