Guns, Bones & Steel: The Gothic Reliquaries Of Al Farrow – A Detailed Look.

reliquaries of al farrow

Look closely at these incredible sculptures and you’ll notice the mosque and church-like structures are created with guns, gun parts, bullets, artillery, gears, chains, bullet shells and bone fragments. Read more

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If Walls Could Talk. Timothy Goodman’s Mural for the Ace Hotel, New York.

San Francisco multidisciplinary designer Timothy Goodman was among a small group of artists asked to contribute to the mural project for the Ace Hotels.

The uber trendy hotel chain (whose rooms, I personally feel, look like college dorms) has locations in New York, Seattle, Portland and Palm Springs. Known for their appeal to the young and hip, the chain of hotels incorporates plenty of art, design, music and culture in their utilitarian-esque rooms and lobbies. They also have an association with the popular and fun Rudy Barbershops. 
Timothy joined the ranks of other artists when he covered the walls of one smallish room in the latest Ace Hotel NYC location with 99 hand-drawn picture frames. Created with black paint markers and paint, he then filled them with images of facts, love, tidbits, items of interest and shout-outs to other folks to represent, in his own words, “the spontaneity and grit of the city.”

above photographs by Mark Dye.

Below are examples of various wall murals by other artists in the Ace Hotel, New York:

Timothy Goodman:

Timothy’s website
Timothy’s blog

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Jewelry That Grows On You. The Incredible Landscape Jewelry of Sarah Hood.

Artist and silversmith Sarah Hood combines miniature scale railroad materials like plastic trees, grasses, bushes and pebbles with sterling silver to culminate is one of a kind pieces that are nothing short of wearable art. Read more

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Killer Cosmetics. Ted Noten Creates Feminine Firearms As Makeup Kits.

Amsterdam-based Atelier Ted Noten (known for his unique jewelry designs) has designed the white ‘Dior 001’ gun and the black ‘Chanel 001’ gun as part of a larger series entitled ‘7 necessities for a woman to feel like a woman through the eyes of a man.’

Branded as Dior 001 and Chanel 001, the white and black pistols pack a feminine punch as they double as make-up bags. The two 3D printed nylon guns are vehicles of finding a new language between the 3D printing technique and traditional goldsmithing.

The feminine firearms are retrofitted with hand-tooled 18-karat gold details and loaded with cosmetic ammo. There’s a lip gloss and wand in the muzzle, the loading chamber doubles as a pill compartment (complete with pills, including Viagra), 100 grams of certified silver bullion in the Dior gun clip, 50 grams of 24-karat gold in the Chanel, a toothpick and, in some models, a hairpin and a small vial of perfume. The guns also conceal a 4-gigabyte jump drive.

Dior 001


“Seven Necessities” debuted at Amsterdam’s Gallery Rob Koudijs and was exhibited at Art Basel by the Ornamentum Gallery of Hudson, N.Y.

If you purchase one of the make-up kits, Noten’s Atelier can customize it and arrange refills. The white Dior gun costs 8,000 euros, (about $11,500 USD) and The black Chanel gun costs over $17,000. That’s a pretty penny for any pistol packing mamma.

Kanaalstraat 149a 1054
XD Amsterdam, NL +31(0)206895517

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Yep, These Are Paintings. Trees On A Line by Trey Friedman.

Trey Friedman Trees On A Line

Trey Friedman’s most recent series of paintings, Trees On A Line, was inspired by a particular tree lined road in rural Connecticut which he isolated to 170 trees he routinely returned to render and observe. Read more

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77 Of The Coolest Backpacks You’ll Ever See. Eastpak’s Artist Designed Bags For Charity.

above and below: the unique artist designed Easpak bags range from goth and edgy to playful.

I once thought Eastpak was just a bunch of utilitarian nylon backpacks and bags, but boy was I wrong. I had not been aware of their numerous collaborations with artists or their huge selection of uniquely designed and patterned bags.

But most interesting is their Eastpak Artist’s Studio in which 77 of the most creative personalities from eight different countries (one continent) were selected to produce original creations from a number of limited edition ‘blank’ EASTPAK bags. The bags were available to bid upon with the proceeds from each donated to various charities.

The artists were selected from different backgrounds and include painters, sculptors and poets as well as musicians, graffiti artists and television personalities. Below I have shown all of the bags and called out some of my personal favorites from each country.








Hong Kong:

EASTPAK is proud to support this select group of artists and the communities that feed their inspiration. All proceeds of sales of these one-of-a-kind creations were be donated to a local charity organisation in each participating country.

Other Eastpak Designer Collaborations:

In addition to the Artist’s Studio project, they have also had collaborations with prominent designers as Raf Simons, Quinze and Milan, Christopher Shannon, Eley Kishimoto Ed Banger and Gaspard Yurkievich and Antoine Peters.

For availability please check

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Alexander Girard PLYprints. Classic Graphic Art Goes Green.

Alexander Girard Plyprints

For the first time since 1972 Alexander Girard’s iconic graphics are now available as wall art, screened onto 14″x14″ panels of Columbia’s formaldehyde-free maple faced hardwood plywood. Read more

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A Supersized Solar-Powered Catamaran, The Turanor PlanetSolar.

The Turanor PlanetSolar

M/S TÛRANOR PlanetSolar is a multihull vessel topped by a large array of photovoltaic solar panels, constructed by Knierim Yacht Club, in Kiel, Germany. Built in 14 months, the biggest ever solar boat has impressive dimensions but is both silent and clean. Read more

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A Small Modern Home Overlooks Olive Trees in Sonoma by Cooper Joseph Studio.

modern home in Sonoma by Cooper Joseph Studio

Cooper Joseph Studio, formerly Wendy Joseph Evans Architecture, has designed this small 850 square guest house in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma. Located on a terraced hill, the modern structure overlooks a field of olive trees and is nestled amongst lavender and rosemary. The home was designed for two scientists who grow olives and make olive oil, keep bees and produce honey, garden and many other endeavors that take advantage of the area’s climate, soils and site. Read more

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