A Look Inside And Out Of The Incredible Rentable Sliding House In Nova Scotia.

The Sliding House

The Sliding House, completed in 2008, is fabulous and unusual rental on Canada’s coast. A 1,700 square foot residence that was commissioned by creative directors David Peters and Rhonda Rubenstein and designed by architect Brian Mackay-Lyons.

The Sliding House

inside The Sliding House

Unusual on the outside, both for its sloping design -the home is placed on an eight degree slope and has views of the sea- and corrugated aluminum exterior, the inside is just as eye-catching with its beautifully designed and decorated interior (tons of photos shown later in the post).

The exterior is covered in industrial metal corrugated cladding. A thick north service wall containing stairs, baths, kitchen, hearth and storage protects the house from cold north winds.

It is available for weekly renting and sleeps four with its large master bedroom, loft area, fully equipped kitchen, enclosed fireplace, flatscreen TV, DVD player, and high-speed internet access.

The Sliding House in Nova Scotia

The interior is entirely finished in unbleached clear poplar hardwood and is impeccably decorated with sophisticated furniture, modern lighting and high end appliances.

photos courtesy of Jean-Luc Laloux, MLS Architects, and Sliding House

Nearby activities include whale-watching, horseback riding, sailing, golfing, fishing, fine dining and music and craft festivals depending upon the season.

Located in the coastal community of Upper Kingsberg in Canada, the home is a 90 minute drive from the Halifax airport.

Weekly rates are $1800 in the off-season and $2250 from June 26-August 27.

Interested in renting? email their property manager rentals@stayinnoviascotia.com or contact David Peters.

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New Pershing Superyacht Loaded With Italian Luxury From Fendi, Armani & Poltrona Frau.

Pershing 108

The Pershing 108’ is the latest from luxury yacht from Pershing Yachts. The Ferretti Group brand, which is among the leading manufacturers of high performance open motor yachts from 15 to 35 metres, is a collaboration between yacht Designer Fulvio De Simoni, the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) of the Ferretti Group and a team of architects and designers from the Centro Stile Ferretti group. Read more

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Z. Island. A Kitchen Collaboration Between Zaha Hadid, Ernestomeda and Corian.

Z.Island Kitchen

The Multi-Sensorial Kitchen
Z.Island Kitchen” is not simply a project created in order to astonish people and make them talk. The kitchen area conceived by architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont brings with it concrete innovations that will be useful for future production and that involve the processing of the materials, the structural organisation and the integration of advanced technologies. Read more

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The Baby C Cradle – A Modern Walnut Wood-Lined Womb For Infants.

The Baby C is a modern cradle inspired by the warm, closed environment of a mother’s womb. With a polyethylene shell and a walnut wood interior, the cradle comes with a specially designed mattress:

earlier in the design progress:

Designed by Dripta Roy, co-founder of Puur Design Studio. Available in Europe this fall for €2650 + taxes, by winter in North America—can be pre-ordered at sales@puur.ca.

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Stunning Sapporo Beer Ad, Website And Game Combine Live Action & Animation.

Sapporo Legendary Biru has got to be one of the most beautiful ads I’ve ever seen. This award-winning two minute video -and its web counterpart- for Sapporo Beer combines live action with animation to tell the story of the brand and brewing history of the Japanese beer. Read more

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The Neon Angelica Chandelier by Nucleo.

Angelica is a modern chandelier designed by Nucleo, a design group based in Italy. The design concept – a chandelier in eighteenth century style revisited in modern key – was to eliminate any super-structures, thus making light the only protagonist.

Angelica outlines its presence in space by evoking the past with soft lines that subtly recall the style of the eighteenth century. The chandelier lights up with an intensely soft light, creating an effect that is poetically suggestive and sophisticated.

The bearing structure is created in aluminium with laser-cut plexiglass elements:

Available in white, aquamarine blue, orchid lilac, mint green.

Diffuser: fluorescent neon (white glass tubes charged with argon)

Light source: total 125W (cold cathode)

Size: 120 x 100 cm

Design: Nucleo

Manufacturer: ALT Lucialternative

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TRON Armchair Now Mass-Produced For Cappellini In 4 Colors & New Material.

In 2010 Cappellini And Walt Disney Signature Presented A Special Production Series of The TRON Armchair Designed By Dror Benshetrit For Design Miami 2010.

above: The prototype for Disney. Raw Data forms a jagged and angular landscape, serving as a muse for a chair that is comprised of intersecting layers and textures of ‘digital’ rock. Constructed of composite material consisting of impregnated fiberglass with polyester resin processed with manual layering, these Special Production Walt Disney Signature TRON Armchairs invite you to “sit off the grid.”

You may have read about these on such design sites as Core 77, Curated Mag and Design Milk. Their reports showed the Special Production Walt Disney Signature TRON Armchairs made of fiberglass and in gritty and unusual paint jobs such as these:

Initially made as a series of four “one-off” fibreglass prototypes, when it came to mass production Cappellini and Poltrona Frau went with four new colors and 100% recyclable material.

Giulio Cappellini plays on the contrasts suggested by the film; the contrast between the real world and the world of TRON:Legacy. Natural elements embody this juxtaposition, so the dark grey of the “stone”, and the white of the “air” represent the landscape of Tron and the safe house, while the light blue of “water” and the green of the “grass” represent the real world:

Cappellini & Walt Disney Signature

Conceived from the futuristic world of the Disney film “TRON: Legacy” and designed by Dror Benshetrit of Studio Dror, the Tron Armchair is a product profoundly inspired by material with features that are reminiscent of the rugged and rocky landscape which surrounds the digital world of TRON. Initially made as a series of four “one-off” fibreglass prototypes individually hand-finished by New York designer Dror Benshetrit (shown below in the chair).

Using the roto-molding technique, made of 100% recyclable material and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the armchair is now available in four different colors.

Designer Benshetrit talks about the mass-produced TRON Chair at the Milan Design Village, 2011:


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Watch 3 Urban Artists As They Design The Lucha Libre Bottles for 1800 Tequila.

For the past few years 1800 Tequila has been releasing limited edition artist series bottles. Read more

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