Zac Freeman’s Amazing Portraits Made With The Stuff In Your Junk Drawer.

zac freeman mosaic portraits

You know all that stuff you either toss away of throw in the kitchen ‘junk’ drawer? Buttons, old remote controls, pen caps, paper clips, Altoid tins, Lego Minifigs, wire, plastic bits and pieces from lord-knows-what? Well those are precisely what artist Zac Freeman uses in creating these one of a kind portraits. Read more

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Sit On Knits! Custom Upholstered Sweater Chairs By Melanie Porter.

Traditional and modern chairs take on a new dimension when upholstered in the hand-knit textiles of Melanie Porter. From tub chairs to wing chairs, Chippendales to Egg chairs, Melanie painstakingly strips them of their original upholstery and then covers each chair in her hand knit panels of cable knits, patchwork, cross-stitch, and crochet. Details like hand covered buttons, pom pom accents, union jacks, painted frames and color combinations best show off the textiles.

Melanie’s chairs are cozy and inviting one-of-a-kind functional art pieces. She even gives them human names, which only add to their appeal. Here’s a look at several of her unique chairs.

Nora chair:

Lottie chair:

Olivia chair:

Bob chair:

Will chair:

Pip and Pen chairs:

Albert chair:

George chair:

Gilbert chair:

Bertie chair:

Tabby chair:

In addition to the chairs, Melanie makes and sells hand-knit cushions using Italian Merino wools.

Percy (Union jack) Cushions in two colorways:

Daffy, Honeycomb and Quod cushions:

images courtesy of Furfin, Melanie Porter and Mydeco.

About Melanie Porter:

After 10 years working as a knitwear designer for a number of international fashion brands, Melanie has turned her expertise to furniture, creating one-off contemporary designs from chairs sourced from auctions and markets across the UK.

Melanie undertakes the entire process herself and everything, from the restoration and upholstering to the individual, crocheted buttons, is done by hand. The result of this incredibly labor-intensive process is a stunning and unique work of art, destined to be a future family heirloom.

Shop for Melanie’s chairs and cushions here.
Please contact Melanie for any further details, or to enquire about bespoke commisions.
07770 941305

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What’s That Weird Hand Dance Video? Meet Irish Dancers Cleary & Harding.

This wacky and mesmerizing video has been rapidly climbing the viral charts since its debut on YouTube four months ago. A strange song accompanies a man and a woman at a table in front of an oddly decorated wall engaging in a choreographed ‘hand dance.’

What is it? Who are these people? If these questions have plagued you like they did me, read on.


It turns out that this video, We Speak No Americano, is from Up & Over It, self-described as “Irish Dance for the Post-pop generation.” A collaboration between Suzanne Cleary, Peter Harding and Jonny Reed, Up & Over It aims to stretch the concept of Irish Dance to its limits.


The duo spent four years with Riverdance, after which they toured with Magic of the Dance where they were quickly appointed artistic directors. They now perform as Up & Over It for live audiences and has created a series of videos of their performances as well as some multimedia films produced by Puck Productions.

Here’s a few more of their videos for you.

Cleary & Harding live in Cardiff 2010, Music: Frankmusik – 3 Little Words:

A multimedia production for Up & Over It Spring 2010:

Here’s a reel of behind the scenes, outakes and ‘bloopers’ if you will. Compiled by Johnny reel they call it their “Best Bits” and it really endears you to Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding:

Up & Over It

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Colorful Credit -The PANTONE Platinum VISA Rewards Card In 5 PMS Colors.

pantone credit card

And the Pantone Parade of Products marches on. The latest product to brandish the Pantone brand name and five of their trendy colors for 2011 is a credit card. Whether you’re buying groceries, paying the dry cleaner or getting Sparky groomed for the dog show, now you can do it in style, with the new PANTONE Visa® Platinum Rewards Card. Read more

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Evian by Issey Miyake, The Newest Limited Edition Designer Bottles.

evian by isseymiyake IIHIH

Each year evian introduces a new limited edition collector series of bottles. Last year was the Paul Smith collection and prior to that Baccarat and Jean Paul Gaultier, preceded by Christian Lacroix. This years’ bottle has been decorated by Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, with a flower inspired by his innovative pleated clothes. Read more

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Justice Bodan For Disney Signature, A Special Collection Of Magical Belt Buckles.

Justice Bodan For Disney

From Prince Charming’s family crest to a highly stylized “poison apple”, this unique and special collection of bronze and sterling silver belt buckles are designed with Disney lovers in mind. Read more

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Bird In Hand, A Ceiling Light Inspired By The Art Of Hand Shadows


This beautiful and unusual lamp by J.P.Meulendijks is based on, and is a tribute to, the universal art of hand shadows and hand puppetry. Playing with light and hand shadows was and is a centuries old past time long before electric light was invented. Read more

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Urban Camouflage By Aaron Larney.

Recent graduate from Central Saint Martins with First Class Honours in BA Graphic Design, Aaron Larney has some fun projects in his portfolio.

His Urban Camouflage: Graffiti and Notice Board projects are photos in which the subject completely blends in with the backgrounds. Created along with the help of artists Matt Child and “Dosah”, one features a complete boiler suit which is barely visible against the tagged outdoor wall and the other is a hooded jacket obscured by ads and editorials making it magically disappear into the notice board in front of which it stands.

Urban Camouflage: Graffiti

Urban Camouflage: Noticeboard

Aaron Larney

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