The Latest Lexus Hybrid Is An Electric Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Lexus Hybrid Bicycle

The Lexus Hybrid Bicycle is a design concept from the automotive brand with an electric eight-speed transmission and lightweight carbon fibre construction. Read more

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The Most Beautiful Nail Art (Or Manicure Masterpieces).

above: Technoid Subculture nail art

Now, THIS is finger painting. CND (Creative Nail Design) is a company known better to professionals that the average consumer. The first to create a nail polish resistant to yellowing, the company has continued to innovate with science and beauty. The amazing nail polish art shown below was created with their products. Read more

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Kria Bones Up On Jewelry Design, Vertebrae Necklaces and More

Kria jewelry design is a collection of femur bones, wing bones, caudal vertebrae, branches and twigs cast in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver. Necklaces on rope chains or leather, bracelets and rings, some embedded with diamonds, others with pearls, are all delicately rendered as miniature and elegant wearable pieces. Read more

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More Steampunk Architecture From Dave Trautrimas – The SpyFrost Project

the spyfrost project
above: detail of The Radiant Proliferator

David Trautrimas, the Canadian artist about whose steampunk-like architectural art, The Habitat Machines, I blogged about once before, has a wonderful new series of work called The Spyfrost Project. Read more

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Jonas Samson’s Light Emitting Wallpaper Becomes Ecco Luce.

above: detail from the new Ecco Luce installation in an Amsterdam railway station.

Just over 2 years ago I wrote about Jonas Samson‘s unusual light emitting wallpaper project.

Since that time, the much blogged-about prototype has evolved into his Ecco Luce, a personal light emitting wall in which there are embedded LED lights.

When off, it appears as a normal wall, yet when turned on, an interplay of dancing and moving lights turns the wall into an art installation.

The lights, which are remote-controlled, can appear through the wall as a pattern, moving or static images, as well as motion-activated. Built of individual panels, the largest measuring 120 x 300, the panels can be combined to create as large an image as desired. The LED lights can be RGB or white.

Below are images (followed by a video) of an Ecco Luce installation at the Sciphol Train station in Amsterdam that just went up April 15th of this year:

And an installation in Milan:


A very interesting way to add kinetic beauty to any environment.

To arrange a meeting or discuss bulk buying investment possibilities, you can reach Jonas at: STUDIO Brailledreef 9 Utrecht The Netherlands POSTAL ADRESS Jonas Samson vof Zuiderveldstraat 33 8501 KA Joure The Netherlands +31 (0)6 – 190 844 45

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Surreal Artwork by Deborah Hamon Combines Photography & Painting In Photoshop

Deborah Hamon Art
above: Deborah Hamon’s The Game combines a painted figure with a photographic background.

41 year old artist Deborah Hamon, born in Adelaide, Australia and now living and working in Marin County (my own home town), was recently named one of PDN’s 30 Photographers to Watch and has been featured in New American Paintings, Israel’s Picnic magazine, Flak photo, has a permanent piece (Wonderland) in the prestigious Crocker Bank Art Museum Collection, and has been the recipient of numerous awards, honors and mentions. Read more

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New Underground Eco-friendly Hotel Bella Vista By Matteo Thun

Hotel Bella Vista by Matteo Thun

We’ve seen a couple of very interesting eco-friendly, semi-submerged underground hotels and homes lately. (e.g. Villa Vals, The Underground home of Gary Neville). Soon we will have the Hotel Bella Vista. Read more

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