The Easter Bunny Just Threw Up. The 2010 Spring Summer CHANEL Collection.

CHANEL 2010 Spring Summer Haute Couture

While I am usually singing the praises of CHANEL, I fear their latest 2010 Spring Summer Couture Collection is making me slightly nauseated. Pearlized pastel confections walked down the runway donning Minnie Mouse-Meets- Bride of Frankenstein hairdos in the latest Haute Couture Collection from CHANEL. Read more

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11 RCA Students Design The Future Of Bentley. The Aero-Ace Project Finalists.

Bentley Aero-Ace projectabove: The Mirage, design proposed by David Seesing.

I noticed a story on a student design project for Bentley at the UK’s Royal College of Art called the Aero-Ace in the always fabulous Wallpaper magazine. Definitely worth sharing, and adding to as well. The text and images below are from their January, 2010 issue, plus I’ve added some video and additional images and sketches from the artists. Read more

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12 Barbie Basics Get Glammed Up By Famous Fashion Designers.

Barbie Basics Get Glammed Up
above: Barbie Basic model no.5 before and after being styled by Justin Guinta for the launch

Mattel recently introduced the Barbie Basics doll collection; 12 different Barbie® dolls, each dressed ‘down’ in a different, but all black, dress. Read more

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Fancy Footwear. Kickbars Are Diamond Jewelry For Your Sneakers.

diamond and gemstone kickbars

Baller bling, baby.
It’s not enough to have diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, body jewelry, belt buckles and even grills. Now, your athletic shoes must be adorned with ice as well. Read more

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Judson Beaumont’s Latest Whimsical Furniture From Straight Line Designs

straight line designs

A ways back I wrote three different posts on furniture for children that would make one’s room look like Dr. Seuss meets Alice In Wonderland. One of the designers, the very talented Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs has added many wonderful pieces to his collection since I last blogged about him. Read more

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