Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Are Sick. And A Successful Business.

Maniac Pumpkins

MANIAC Pumpkin Carvers have turned the art of carving a pumpkin into quite a business. Creating ‘promotional’ and ‘custom’ pumpkins, their artful work is often used at Hollywood industry parties and movie launches, company events, hotel and restaurant lobbies, retail establishments and more. Read more

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Four Artists Have The Same Big Idea With Mini Figurines

four artists who work in miniature

In advertising, when attempting to come up with a fresh idea or execution, it is often said “it’s been done”. The same can hold true of many art related disciplines and clearly the juxtaposition of miniature figurines with ordinary objects has proved to be but one of the concepts often executed. Meet four artists who work in miniature. Read more

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Cars You Can See Yourself In. No, Really… 25 Mirrored Chrome Finished Cars

Mirrored Chrome Finished Cars

There’s been some hubbub over the chrome finished Audi R8 in this years’ 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The shiny R8 5.2 FSI V10 coupe shown above and below has been turning heads and making the blogs, car mags and auto news. Read more

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Berlin Photographer Kerstin zu Pan’s Colorful Supervision Series

by berlin photographer kerstin zu pan

“Beauty in unusual circumstances comes easily to the camera of Kerstin zu Pan, one of Berlin’s most original photographers. Her photos are moments amid stories – playful wild stories that leave the reviewer guessing. Her work is expressive, ebulliant, and strange. There is always more here than is apparent at first glance.”
–Clayton Maxwell, Eyemazing 3/2007

Thanks so much to Kerstin for her permitting me to reproduce these photos.

Concept & photography: Kerstin zu Pan
Wig & Hair: Acacio da Silva
Make-up & Lashes: Karla Neff
Model: Britta Thie / Viva

See her other wonderful works at her website as well as information about editions, 
commercial requests and bookings

Kerstin zu Pan Photography

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Modern Waterproof Wood Sinks And Tubs From UWD

Wood Sinks And Tubs

In 1979, UWD (Unique Wood Designs) began by building yachts, boats and canoes. After thirty years they had developed a very high quality boat-building and carpentry workshop, so they began looking ahead. Read more

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Dyson Launches Two New ‘Blueprint’ Edition Vacuums

Dyson Blueprint Edition Vacuums

There are not many utilitarian house cleaning items about which I’d rave, let alone devote a blog post. But as my neighbors know, and some of my Facebook friends, I’m a freak for my Dyson. Read more

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Another Edgy Design Collection, Arctic Rock Furniture.

Sculpted entirely out of wood, the Arctic Rock series by Studio JSPR is a collection of high gloss white furniture whose unusual hard angular accents resemble both origami and of course, its namesake… Arctic Rock.

The collection consists of tables, chairs, bar stools, seats and accessories for hotel, restaurant, or home living purposes. And there is a matching vase available, the ‘Diamond Vase’, made out of Bone China, that has been developed in collaboration with Pol’s Potten.

The collection:

The Bone China vase:

About JSPR:
JSPR is an interior design brand that is always creating remarkable new collections and unique interiors. Their passion is to create designs that both stand for high quality products and for innovation and creativity realized through professional craftsmanship. Among JSPR’s clients are hotels, restaurants, shops, architects, and individual consumers.

JSPR is always experimenting with new innovative materials in its production studio. This results in a unique range of handmade product and furniture collections. Aside from this, JSPR also creates custom-made interiors, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Studio JSPR was founded in 2005 by Jasper van Grootel who graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven under supervision of Oscar Penya. Now, in 2007, we consist of a 6 man strong independent designer team which stands for the solid base of our company. Creative designers, supported by a technical and economical educated staff, make sure that every product or project is realised to everybody’s maximum satisfaction.

Lichttoren 270
5611BJ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Visit Studio JSPR here.

If you like angular designs, then you’ve gotta see these:

The works of Buchegger Denoth Feichtner Design

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The Best Modern Coffins. When You Want To Go Out In Style.

modern coffins

Halloween is just around the corner, so what better time than now to introduce you to the coolest modern coffins and caskets on the market. Read more

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What Do Heidi Klum, Louboutin, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett & Cyndi Lauper Have In Common?

New barbies klum jett lauper louboutin
They’re all new Mattel Barbie dolls. That’s what. Read more

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Marble Sculptures To Blow Your Mind By Fabio Viale.

Fabio Viale marble sculptures

Like many a famous Italian sculptor before him, Fabio Viale works in marble. Chipping away, polishing, bringing life to a block of rock. Unlike many a famous Italian sculptor, Fabio’s marble pieces look like styrofoam, rubber tires (tyres), paper airplanes, popcorn and even a modernized David, tatts and all. Read more

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