Hermès Collaborates With Wally: A Bugatti, A Helicopter, Now A Superyacht.


Well, they’ve already created a luxury automobile and a helicopter (the Bugatti Veyron and the Eurocopter 135 shown above), so I guess a luxury superyacht was next on the list. Note: they actually sell an Hermès $4000.00 bicycle, too. Read more

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$6 Million Crib With Outdoor Cinema By Hagy Belzberg.

skyline residence by hagy belzberg

Ever come across a home for sale that you might actually be willing to kill for? No? This one may get you to consider risking capital punishment. It’s a modern Hollywood Hills Nirvana. The amazing home, which includes an outdoor cinema, just went on the market (update: it has since sold). Read more

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A Brush With Talent: The Charity Artist Brush Auction

above: many of the brushes have illustrated images by the artists who used them

The Rotofugi gallery, a designer toy store and gallery located in Chicago, Illinois, had this wonderful idea of auctioning off the actual used (and signed) art brushes of some of today’s hippest lowbrow surrealist, and underground artists and illustrators on ebay to benefit Gigi’s Playhouse. Read more

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The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company

Ever consider where Wonder Woman got her invisible plane or Bruce Wayne, his manor? Chances are, like all savvy caped crusaders, they found them at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. Read more

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A Better Look At Those 100 YOOX Covers

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the upscale online designer fashion and home boutique, YOOX.COM, they have compiled their last 100 covers and are selling them as limited edition prints. Like a magazine, the site has a new ‘cover’ on its homepage each month created by YOOX Creative Director, Alberto Biagetti and designer Alessandro Guerriero.

Each image features a photographic and illustrated composite of beauty and fashion exemplified with a model clad in futuristic objects and imagery (many of them Memphis-style). Produced as prints on glossy paper, YOOX is selling 100 signed and numbered editions of each, measuring 27.3″ x 19.5″

As much as I like YOOX, they made the navigation to view the covers very difficult. It’s not easy to view them all (you have to continually return to the gallery to choose the next) or to get a good look at the prints and see the illustrative quality of some of them, as in the detail shown below:

That said, I’ve compiled many of the covers and composed them alongside some close-ups so you can get a good look at some of the more interesting details and images. And all without clicking back and forth.

This is a long ass post, you’d better be comfy.

Some covers and close-ups, in no particular order (click to enlarge):

Some Full Covers- the following images do NOT enlarge:

Alberto Biagetti, creative director of YOOX.COM, and Alessandro Guerriero, world-renowned designer, tells the project’s story (interview courtesy of the The NewYooxer.com):

What was the original idea behind the covers?

AB: All of us have a hidden desire to see the imaginary, and the YOOXCOVERS are the realization of this desire. We wanted to dress the body with imagination.

AG: More than idea, we started out with a vision. We looked at clothing as a complex design, like architecture housing the body. From there we imagined the rest… clothing became virtual and, as a consequence, without time or space.

The covers combine fashion, design, real space and the virtual world. What is your creative and working process when making these covers? What gives you the inspiration to re-create them every month?

AB: Each month we create an imaginary space and design a surreal landscape for the body. The body may end up wearing the city, art, landscape, imagination, light…

AG: We start out with an abstract idea that is then translated into a drawing using the body as the only criteria in terms of form, and finally a virtual model is made.

100 covers in 8 years is a great achievement: what do the first and last covers have in common? How has the concept evolved?

AB: Each image tests the limits of the idea of the virtual outfit. A designer imagines a red dress as fire or designs flames around it; we create a dress of fire. Each cover, from the first to the last, is the realization of the impossible. The idea evolves with the mind: it adapts and changes with the times, our experience and the world’s.

AG: The common denominator is that there is never static thinking but a constant evolution of thought in motion and that’s why the image evolves as well…

What’s the message of your images?

AB: The covers embody contemporary man. For better and/or for worse, man is detached from reality, between the body and the world there’s technology, and technology sets specific limits and offers infinite spaces. One of these spaces is designated to intellectual creativity.

AG: These images have a strong and powerful aesthetic impact, and yet each cover captures a transient idea hanging by a thread. As far as content is concerned, the only constant factor is its transformation and, as a consequence, the continual transformation of the cover.

All 100 (click to enlarge):

Buy the limited edition prints of the covers here.

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In Case Of Fire, Break Tradition: Fierce Fire Extinguishers

Fire Design of France offers fire extinguishers that look as hot as the fires they are meant to put out. With three collections, plus design-your-own or commercial options, they are a refreshing change from the traditional red and white.

The Uni Collection:

Six fun brights:

Three muted sophisticated colors:

And, of course, black or white:

The Design Collection:


Cow and Camo:


Bubbles and Pixels:

New York and Stars:

Icons and Speed:

The Luxe Collection:

Metallic silver, copper and gold:

Or with the Speed and Icon designs:

The VIP (Branded) Options:
you can even have ones made with your logo or a company design, here are some examples:

You also have the option to create your own from their standard design motifs and their colors or metallics. A fun interactive design section on their site let’s you play:

Like so:

Here are three I just made:

Their site is in French only and although they do take Paypal and online orders, because different countries standards for fire extiguishers vary, I believe these are only sold in Europe.

In France they can be found at:

Cadeau Store
12, rue Mandar – 75002 Paris
Téléphone : 01 40 26 56 59

Boutique Fire
15, rue Dauphine – 75006 Paris
Téléphone : 01 44 07 19 86

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Their Most Expensive &über Exclusive, The Lamborghini Reventón Roadster Unveiled

Lamborghini Reventón Roadster

The most expensive Lamborghini to date, and limited to ‘less than 20’, the Reventón Roadster was just unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Read more

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Wrapped Up In Obama: Victoria Rowell At The Emmys & The Dress She Should Have Worn.

obama dresses

I haven’t even thought about blogging about the 2009 Emmys (it hasn’t even aired here yet on the West Coast), and I probably won’t even do a post on them this year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share with you what will undoubtedly be the most talked about (dissed?) dress there. Read more

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Gibson Guitars & Julien’s Miami GuitarTown Auction Of Hand-Painted Guitars

miami guitar town auction hero IIHIHabove: two of my favorites from the auction catalog

Julien’s Auctions and Gibson Guitar have announced an upcoming auction, the Miami GuitarTown live auction, set for September 26th. The Julien auction takes online bidding, bidding by phone, proxy or in person. Read more

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You’re Never Too Old To Play With Blocks: The Coolest Wooden Designer Blocks Available.


Seems that many artists and companies are convinced that grown-ups, especially design-loving folk, still want to play with blocks. And from the looks of these, they are right. Read more

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