The ISA 120 Luxury Yacht Really Floats My Boat

ISA-120- luxury-yacht

The ISA 120 luxury yacht really is one of a kind. The sophisticated looking and technologically advanced yacht was built in the 45,000 square foot International Shipyard in Ancona, Italy. It is a streamlined, slim design with 3 decks and spacious, well-designed interiors. Read more

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ArchiTech’s Future Perfect: Mid-Century Modern Design Drawings

above: Henry P. Glass, Wacker Plaza Lobby – View From Entrance, Pencil on tracing paper, 1955, 16 x 21 inches

ArchiTech is a historically comprehensive commercial gallery of architectural art, in Chicago’s River North gallery district. Their recent show, Future Perfect: Mid-Century Modern Design Drawings opened January 9 and ends this weekend on May 30, 2009. Read more

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Modern Mementos Of Macabre Moments in History By Boym

Boym products

Boym Partners has a different idea of a souvenir than you may be used to. No romantic recollections reproduced in miniature, no glorification of heroes on porcelain plates, no picturesque renditions captured in snow globes. Read more

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The Victorinox 125th Anniversary Special Edition Airstream Trailer

Victorinox 125th Anniversary Special Edition Airstream

Airstream, the proud manufacturer of the world’s finest travel trailers, has combined creative forces with Victorinox Swiss Army to produce the Victorinox 125th Anniversary Special Edition Airstream. Read more

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Modern In Mallorca: 3 Minimalist & Mediterranean Mansions On the Market

modern homes in mallorca

Not that I’m thinking of moving to Mallorca (or Majorca), but let me tell you, if I did, I would have many gorgeous modern homes from which to choose (not afford, just choose). Who would have figured Mallorca, Spain to have so many modern homes on the market? The following three homes are all priced under 10 million dollars (barely) and presently listed for sale. Read more

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Bring Your Zyrtec: The 8th Annual Tulips and Pansies Headdress Affair

April showers bring May flowers. And what do May flowers bring? The Annual Tulips and Pansies Headdress Affair. Read more

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Designers Knuckle Down. 25 items of Fashion, Furniture & More Inspired By Brass Knuckles.

Brass knuckle inspired products

Brass Knuckles, also referred to as Knucks or Knuckle dusters, are weapons originally designed for use in hand to hand combat. Some derivations of them go as far back as ancient Rome. In World War I and World War II, they were incorporated into knife handles and blades. If you didn’t know, the possession of and use of these are illegal in all 50 states in the US as well as in several other countries. Read more

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Smellavision: New Chanel No.5 Film Train de Nuit (quotes, stills, casting and more)

Chanel No.5 Film Train de Nuit

Chanel has just released their latest promotional film (shown at the end of this loooong post) for their classic fragrance, Chanel No. 5. Read more

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New LEGO Architecture Series By Adam Reed Tucker

LEGO Architecture Series By Adam Reed Tucker

The LEGO© Group and Brickstructures™, Inc. have just unveiled a new product line called LEGO Architecture, an unprecedented collaboration between The LEGO Group and Architectural Artist Adam Reed Tucker of Brickstructures, Inc. Read more

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Still Worshipping Warhol: DVF, Maharishi, Steiff, CB2 and More Make Andy Warhol Products

still worshipping warhol

Andy Warhol, despite no longer being with us, continues to decorate the world with his iconic images adorning everything from luggage to beachwear. For the past decade, several manufacturers and designers have collaborated with the world’s best known pop-artists’ foundation to create products for the home and fashion for the body. And the collabs just keep coming.

Still Worshipping Warhol

Of course there are tons of Warholesque amateur creations on sites like Cafe Press and Zazzle, but I’m talking about actual authentic Warhol collaborations or Limited edition Warhol items.

Here’s just a few of the recent collaborations:
Fashion diva and designer Diane Von Furstenberg has a beautiful line of swimwear this summer in which she has 2 Warhol inspired flower beach towels and 2 cover ups.

The towels:

DVF Warhol inspired beach towels

Which go perfectly with her wonderful Warhol Flower Beach Cover-ups:

DVF Warhol Inspired Robe
all of which can be purchased here.

Maharishi gets together with the Andy Warhol Foundation (again) as part of their Spring 2009 Collection. Using Andy’s famous dollar graphic, filled with an Andy Warhol camouflage:

buy the t-shirt here.
buy the hoodie here.

Maharishi’s previous Andy Warhol tees:

Maharishi and the Andy Warhol Foundation also collaborated with Medicom Toys to bring us some fun kubricks, designed to stand on their heads:

you can buy them here.

Dupont has some special limited edition Warhol lighters and pens:
DuPont Andy Warhol
DuPont Andy Warhol Collection
buy them here.

Hysteric Glamour of Japan has a full line of Andy Warhol products with some new additions:

Hysteric Glamour Warhol collection
Hysteric Glamour warhol tee shirt

check out the full line here.

Hysteric Glamor and the Warhol Foundation also teamed up with Medicom toys to bring us a Warhol Bearbrick:
Warhol bearbrick
no longer available, check ebay.

Steiff’s special Classic Teddy Bear Margarete uses the original Steiff owner’s image in a Warholian pop art print:
Steiff's special Classic Teddy Bear Margarete
buy it here.

CB2, Crate and Barrel’s hip sister store, carries Warhol plates:
CB2 Warhol inspired collection
no longer available.

Warhol Marilyn Umbrella (Brolly):
Warhol Marilyn Umbrella
buy it here.

Not so recent collaborations:

Nearly 40 years after Andy Warhol transformed Campbell’s soup cans into art form, Campbell celebrated the pop artist with limited edition soup cans bearing his colorful renditions of the classic tomato soup label. Campbell unveiled a special four-pack of Campbell’s tomato soup at Giant Eagle supermarkets. The pack features the Warhol-inspired labels instead of the trademark red and white labels that have adorned the can for more than 100 years.
warhol inspired soup cans
Almost impossible to find now, try ebay.

German porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal has various lines of Warhol dishes and vases:
Rosenthal Warhol inspired collection
Rosenthal  Warhole Marilyn Mugs
Rosenthal New York Warhol collection
Visit Rosenthal’s site here.

Hip perfumer Bond no.9 has used Warhol’s images and name for some of their fragrances and bottles:
Bond N. 9 Andy Warhol Collection
Bond N. 9 Andy Warhol CollectionBond N. 9 Andy Warhol Collection
buy them here.

Launched in 2006, the Warhol Factory X Levis label paid tribute to the pop-culture art made famous by the late American artist Andy Warhol. Priced between $190-$250 for jeans and $80-$300 for tops, the said collection is only available at such high-end stores as Barneys New York, Fred Segal and American Rag.

Warhol Factory X Levi's
Warhol Factory X Levi's

In 2007, Burton snowboards and ski wear collaborated with the Warhol foundation to come up with a limited collection that included softgoods and hardgoods like parkas, bindings, luggage and snowboards. Mostly sold out, you can still find some items on ebay or in various ski stores.
Here are a few examples from the collaboration:

Burton Snowboards Andy Warhol collection
Burton Snowboards Andy Warhol collectionBurton Andy Warhol collection
Burton Snowboards Andy Warhol collection
And there are Andy Warhol puzzles as well. Marilyn, 24 Marilyns and Shoes Galore:

Andy Warhol Marilyn  and Shoe puzzles
buy them here.

Andy Warhol Elvis Duvet and pillowcases:
Andy Warhol Elvis Duvet and pillowcases
Warhol’s Campbells soup duvet and pillowcases:
Warhol's Campbells soup duvet and pillowcases
buy them here.

There are 100% wool Andy Warhol Rugs made by Sphinx for the home:

You can purchase the 2 rugs above and more from the Andy Warhol Collection here

Below is a previously auctioned off Andy Warhol rug original:
Andy Warhol Rug

Betterwall has a wonderful Museum Banner from a past SF Moma Warhol exhibit for sale:

Andy Warhol Museum Banner
buy it here.

And if you, too worship the pop artist/filmaker/celebrity, you can have your choice of Andy Warhol Dolls.

Toy Tokyo Plush Designer Collector Doll, 2000, limited to production of 5,000:
Toy Tokyo Plush Designer Andy Warhol Collector Doll
buy it here.

Oddfellows makes a miniature Warhol figure clutching a soup can:
Oddfellows Andy warhol Figurine
buy it here.

A collaboration between the founder of Maharishi and Medicom yeilded detailed 12″ “Ultra Detail Figure” Andy Warhol Dolls from the sixties, seventies and eighties. They sold out long ago but you can find some vintage ones on ebay or various collectible toy stores.

Medicom also makes a little Andy Warhol Kubrick set:
Medicom Andy Warhol toys
buy it here.

Of course, the Warhol Museum store carries tons of authentic Warhol products from watches and dinnerware, posters and calendars, nite lights and more:
The Warhol Store collection
you can browse or buy them all here.

For real Andy Warhol originals, check here. And here.
To learn about the origin of Warhol’s soup cans, check this out.

The Warhol Foundation
The Warhol Museum
Andy Warhol on Wikipedia

Buy Andy Warhol Books, Films And Items Here

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