Cold Cut Animals, Soft Body Parts & Stained Glass Perfume

Sarah Illenberger is a multi-talented imaginative artist based in Germany whose editorial work is unusual, infused with humor and impressive in its variety. She has such a large body of work that it was hard to choose my favorites, but the following three examples of her editorial artwork do a nice job of showing her range of materials and subject matter.

For Neon magazine, Animals made from luncheon meats:

above: A-Z FLEISCH, Photography by DIRK EISEL

For SZ Magazine, Soft knit human stomach, heart and brain:


For TUSH magazine, The Price of Beauty, stained glass window 2D artwork of famous fragrances:

above: PRIX DE BEAUTÉ 2008

above: Sarah Illenberger

About the artist (written by Antje Wewer):
Defining one category for all the work of Sarah Illenberger is no easy task. The forms the visual translations of her themes assume are far too diverse. What initially sounds quite abstract, in reality, is mostly practical in that her creations are not generated on a computer but rather by meticulous handwork, sometimes incorporating the most mundane materials. A story about love-sickness is visualised through an embroidered design. Variously coloured tablets are used to compose portraits for a magazine. And in Sarah’s hands, beauty products are given new life by being transformed into tourist landmarks. Whatever she creates, it is done with a humorous touch and a great love for detail. Each assignment leads to a unique work of art, sometimes visually enhancing the content of a feature, sometimes to be considered a work in its own right. In her Berlin studio, Sarah Illenberger develops concepts for editorial as well as commercial clients. She mostly works alone, but occasionally teams up with a photographer.

contact info:
10119 BERLIN
T +49 030 24537782
M +49 0173 9761051

See her entire body of work here.

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25 Unusual & Premium Vodkas From Ed Hardy To Bacon Flavored

unusual premium vodkas

Seems that every year or so, there’s a new influx of premium and/or unusual vodkas on the market. Therefore, every year or so, I have a new vodka post for you. Not necessarily about the taste since, in all honesty, I have not tried all of them, but more about the bottle design or concept. And in some case, just unusual, limited editions or hard to find vodkas. Read more

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Paul Davies’ Paintings Combine Modern Architecture, Pools and Palms

The art of Paul Davies
Empty Pool, Modern Home and Palms by Paul Davies

I’ve recently come across an artist whose subjects align with more than one of my personal art fetishes. Combining modern architecture, trees and swimming pools – even empty swimming pools to boot (I have a thing for paintings of pools, both empty and full, see here), Paul Davies‘ work really speaks to me. I just love the juxtaposition of the strong long low horizontals of the modern architecture with the soaring verticals of the Palm and Aspen trees. Read more

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Tons of Pics of The Wallpaper Magazine 2009 Design Winners!

Wallpaper Magazine 2009 Design Winners

The 2009 Wallpaper Design Awards were announced earlier this year. To make up for my being a little behind on sharing them with you, I’ve added many images in addition to the single ones for each category from Wallpaper. Read more

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Hollister’s Exceptional Hand Built Custom & Unique Motorcycles

Above: the Wild H

Even if you don’t ride a bike, couldn’t care less about cruising the super slab, canyon carving, wind in your hair or bugs in your teeth and the words hog, chopper, scoot, and sled do nothing for you, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of Hollister’s MotorCycles, located in Zimmern-Horgen.

Limited editions, unique specimens, completely rebuilt bikes and special editions that supposedly have many components which are handmade “From the tank to the steel crank”, the bikes are simply beautiful, standing still or screaming down the interstate.

above: the limited edition Excite

Volker Sichler (shown above) is the man behind Hollister’s. He claims to cater to those who do not want a “Born to be Wild image’ and to those who “do not want a Harley’ but instead a unique and distinct bike that suits their image. I believe he’s done it. Take a look at many examples of the bikes (in alphabetical order):

The Adrenalin:

The Anzac:

The Bahrain:

The Carver:

The Cash:

The Desire:

The Eagle:

The Eagle 3:

The Eternity:

The Excite:

The Fagus:

The Flash:

The Gorgeous:

The Impulse:

The Indigo:

The Neptune:

The Phantom:

details of the Phantom (which is available to book for appearances, along with the Excite):

The Pink Panther:

The Raven:

The Rooster:

The Seraab:

The Siberian:

The Silverstone:

The Sprattin:

The Spirit:

The St. Tropez:

The Tango:

The Vegas:

The Wild H:

The Wild M:

Hollister’s Philosophy (by owner Volker Sichler):

above: Volker Sichler

Our bikes are as unique as our customers.
By listening to our customers we first try to find out about and then tailor our products to their wishes and requirements. We show our know-how, come to a binding agreement and then get started. The customer is informed and experiences the progress from one production step to the next – until he is driving the bike.

A bike must be worth its money.
We are already building exceptional Custom Bikes at the price of 35.000 €. The customer even receives a custom built HOLLISTER’s at this price. Other higher technical and aesthetic visions are a challenge to us and worth the extra price for the customer.

Function and design are in harmony with each other.
The function and quality of our motorcycles are perfectly harmonious. As we testdrive the motorcycles over a distance of 1000 km, this fact underlines the reliability of our bikes. The customer is driving the bike for one day with our assistance and is instructed by us. The exceptional feature is that all parts, even the latest technical devices are designed harmonically and in a space saving way in accordance with all the other parts.

Visit the bikeport which has their present inventory of bikes for sale here.

They even came out with a stunning calendar for 2009, which, had I known, I’d have included in my 2009 Calendar post!

above: Limited to 1000 copies, the calendar was beautifully shot by photographer Peter Hillert of Sinzheim and designed by Graphic designer Joachim Buch of Herrenberg.

HOLLISTER’s MotorCycles
Volker Sichler
Zimmernerstr. 48
D 78658 Zimmern-Horgen

Appointments with Volker Sichler can be made by phone or mail:
Tel.: +49 (0) 741-32268
Fax: +49 (0) 741-34144

If you like to ride, you will find these posts of interest:

Confederate Motorcycles: Raw, Rugged, Rebellious and Rare

Mission One EV Sport Bike

Victory 2008 Vision Street Premium Motorcycle

Ben Gulak’s Uno, Tomorrow’s Transportation Today

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The Faraway Pool : A Sunken Bathtub For KOS

kos faraway pool

My newest wish list/dream product is that latest bathtub (or indoor mini pool) for KOS Italy by designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. Read more

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Nika Zupanc’s Exhibit At Salon del Mobile Milan 2009

above: from the exhibition invitation to Nika’s work in Milan


I have blogged about self proclaimed “communicative product designer” Slovenian Nika Zupanc’s work before. Her Ordinary Life, Disturbed series still holds up as some of the most unusual and irreverent furnishings out there and her latest pieces, collaborations and installments are no less interesting.

above: I Will Buy Flowers Myself, exhibition and the artist Nika Zupanc. Portrait of Nika Zupanc by Boštjan Martinjak

from the press release:
Precisely measured eclecticism and the intentional search for feminine archetypal elements are the parameters Nika Zupanc uses in her work, although in a notably reserved and occasionally slightly painful manner. Within the exhibition I will buy flowers myself, Zupanc tackles the established attributes which are this time especially inspired by the stories of some of the most famous female literary heroines. Her display space thus opens up through a sequence of spicy comments cast in shamelessly beautiful forms.

These include sofas, a table, a toy car, a crib, a feather duster, and the Mrs. Dalloway mini hot plate designed for Gorenje (which are all pictured in this post).

The Doll House (shown below) was developed together with the company Trimo and Nika Zupanc designed this installation using the architectural and design options provided by the new and innovative modular facade system, Qbiss by trimo.

The pavilion’s interior is suffused with a passionate intertwining of rational and irrational features in a family of six objects that can be read between the covers of The Doll House as the resistance of women chained in Romanticism that prefer to buy the flowers themselves.

The Doll House Installation:

The designer announces the basic feature of her exhibition even at the entrance to her pavilion at Superstudio Piu, where visitors are confronted with a black, dotted architectural installation. With its chimney and pearlescent smoke, it works as a monolith that separates the world of objects from the world of forms, thus representing a passage into another dimension.

The Mrs. Dalloway mini Hot Plate for Gorenje:

above: Nika Zupanc designed this mini hot plate exclusively for Gorenje, an internationally recognized, ambitious, and design-oriented creator of home appliances.

Tapisserie & Phonique sofas:

The Scarlet table and tray:

Acrylic Cradles:

above: Exhibition prototypes of the cradles were produced by Acrytech Pečenko

The Unfaithful Feather Duster:

available for purchase here.

However, this year Nika Zupanc will not be shown only at her own pavilion. The global super-brands Moooi and Moroso will present products with her signature as well: Moooi will present its series of her Lolita lamps (shown below), and Moroso will present her Tailored Chair (also shown below).

The Lolita Lamp for Moooi:

The Tailored Chair for Moroso:

Be sure to read about her Ordinary Life, Disturbed here.

The exhibition was supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia
Curated by: Jurij Krpan, Art direction: Nika Zupanc, Graphic design: Kabinet 01, Words by: Igor Medjugorac, Photo: Dragan Arrigler, ©Nika Zupanc 2009

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UPDATED: MINI & Airstream By Fritz Hansen

MINI & Airstream By Fritz Hansen

Last month I told you about the collaboration between MINI and Airstream designed by the Republic of Fritz Hansen. Now, the MINI / Airstream Combo is showcased at INTERNI DESIGN ENERGIES exhibition in Milan and I have updated photos for you! Read more

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Exactly What 420 Means (The Real Origin of 420) And Some Hip Ways To Celebrate.

It’s April 20th.
Or 4/20.
The twentieth day of the fourth month.
And to those savvy in cannabis culture, it’s commonly referred to as “420” (pronounced four twenty), a slang word whose origin truly comes from MY OWN high school, San Rafael High. Read more

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