Monkeys And Dogs And Bears. Oh My! Jill Greenberg’s Photos

Jill Greenberg’s amazing animal portraits are so expressive, I simply had to share a few of her enormous series with you. I say ‘enormous’ because she literally has over 80 portraits of monkeys to her credit, 40 portraits of bears (Ursine) and tons of dog portraits. I wish I could have shared them all with you, but it’d take about an hour to download. So, instead, I’ve chosen a few of my favorites from her prolific series of work.

As you will see below, she gets more personality from the faces of animals than most photographers do from people.



.. and this beautiful one is Jill’s own dog, Scooter:


If you love these shots as much as I do, you’ll be happy to know that she has publications of both the Monkeys (available on Amazon) and The Bears (Ursine) available directly from the Clampart gallery which sells several of her stunning prints from the Ursine series as well.

Jill and friend:

How does she do it? Well, here you can read an interview with the photographer about her animal portraits by Rosecrans Baldwin for The Morning News

Jill is a hugely successful photographer who uses digital manipulation, illustration and more in her craft. She has shot a lot for the entertainment industry, fashion, celebrity portraits and more. She has won many industry awards and continues to expand her portfolio. Visit her website here.

Above: just some of Jill’s work

Greenberg was born in 1967 in Montreal, Canada. She graduated in 1989 from the Rhode Island School of Design and moved to New York City, where she was based until 2000. She now lives in Los Angeles with her family.

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The "Fun"ctional art of Nicola L. Whimsical Aquariums & Furniture

artist Nicola L

French born Nicola L. (that’s right, just an L. for the last name) is a conceptual artist who creates everything from performances, films and functional art. Having had a hugely prolific career for over five decades, she has shown in many galleries and has a clear affinity for heads, eyes and snails as you can see from some of her functional art pieces I’ve chosen to share with you below. Read more

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Make No Bones About It, Stephen Einhorn Is Much More Than A Jeweler.

The Work of Stephen Einhorn

We’ve all seen the large amount of Goth skull jewelry out there. And Stephen Einhorn of the UK is yet another who creates jewellery collections which include skulls of all types. But he also makes high end skull and bone items for the home that include water taps, ashtrays, corkscrews, even egg cups. In addition to those objects, he makes fire pits, candle cards and more. Read more

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The Art of Chocolate. Oops, Reverse That.

The art of chocolate

Not many things are more appealing to me than art or chocolate. So, the combination of the two is something I was destined to blog about. Whether it’s replications of historical sculpture, of everyday objects or modern abstract creations crafted with actual, edible chocolate, here are some you can admire, some you can order and all you can eat. Read more

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Don’t Play With Your Food – Play With The Table! Marbelous by Ontwerp


The talented duo of Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders – both who graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008, are the designers behind Ontwerpduo, a design studio in the Netherlands. Read more

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Are We Not Men? We Are Rug Designers. DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh Does Rugs.

mark mothersbaugh rugs

Mark Mothersbaugh, member of the iconic and influential band DEVO is a visual artist as well as a musical one. In addition to his books, prints, drawings and paintings, he’s recently designed 12 different rugs for Walteria Living in Los Angeles. Read more

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A Photographer Who Is Full Of Hot Air: Paul Graves Balloon Sculptures

Paul Graves Balloon Sculptures
above: Paul Graves, phenomenon 3, from The balloon sculpture series, 2008

Paul Graves Balloon Sculptures. This month Italian magazine Domus‘ cover features photographer Paul Graves’ photo of a balloon constructed person and his innards. Below are more shots from his 2008 Balloon Sculpture Series. Read more

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Obamamentos – The Hippest Obama Inaugural Souvenirs And More!

Obama Inaugural Souvenirs

With the inauguration of our President-Elect / Rockstar / Pop Icon/ Harbinger of Hope just around the corner, there’s a lot of Obamarama fun to be had. Don’t commemorate the special event with crappy ashtrays and keychains when you can have a signed basketball, a marvel comic, skate deck or Obama Nike Air Force Ones. Read more

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Pantone Continues Their Colorful Collaborations With A GAP Pop Up Store.

Pantone Gap Pop Up Store

Last weekend Gap and Pantone opened up a pop-up shop on 5th Ave in the company’s ‘concept store’ space. The shop is selling t-shirts in a range of Pantone hues.

Pantone Gap Pop Up Store

Pantone recently unveiled its pick for the 2009 color of the year called Mimosa (#14-0848). Pantone describes the color as having seven characteristics, optimistic, hopeful, reassuring, warm, cheerful, radiant, and versatile which they feel are the most relevant to the next twelve months. Gap has issued a Mimosa hued shirt that is only available at the store on 5th.

If Pantone t-shirts sound familiar, yes they have been done before by Uniqlo.

The shop, now thru February 8th will feature a full palette of Gap tees from Gap’s upcoming spring collection in true PANTONE Colors, including a limited-edition tee in Mimosa, Pantone’s color of the year for 2009, available only at the Gap & Pantone T-Shop.

“We wanted to create an explosion of color and bring some warmth and optimism to our customers,” said Patrick Robinson, executive vice president of design for Gap Adult and gapbody. “Mixing Pantone’s vibrant colors with Gap’s signature t-shirts gives everyone an opportunity to find the perfect tee they can mix and match for their own personal style.”

above: Pantone’s “Color Of The Year”Mimosa in The Gap and Pantone T-Shop

Alongside Gap men’s crewneck [$18] and women’s v-neck [$18.50] t-shirts, the shop will feature a display of PANTONE UNIVERSE(TM) items, including a collection of color-themed stationery, office supplies, books and accessories.

above: the womens t-shirt display

above: The Men’s t-shirt display

Pantone, an X-Rite company (NASDAQ: XRIT), is the global authority on color and provides professional color standards for the design industries.

The Mimosa tee is available in limited quantities as a men’s crewneck [$18] and women’s v-neck [$18.50]. Mimosa is also one of the 3,000 colors available in Pantone’s line of superior-quality, eco-friendly paint.

above: The Gap and Pantone T-Shop featuring the Mimosa colored Tee

“We are thrilled to be working with Gap to bring PANTONE Colors to life in such an accessible way,” said Lisa Herbert, executive vice president of Pantone’s fashion, home and consumer division. “We recently selected Mimosa as the 2009 color of the year because yellow, more than any other color, best expresses hope and reassurance. During this time of economic uncertainty and change, we are excited to bring optimism and joy to consumers by offering products in this imaginative color at the Gap & Pantone T-Shop.”

Details about Gap & Pantone T-Shop:
WHEN: Friday, Jan. 9 through Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009
Store Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. | Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: 680 Fifth Avenue (between 53rd and 54th Streets), New York

Chic fashion blog, Racked, remains unimpressed (read it here)
special thanks to PSFK and Lint Coat for images and info.

If you like Pantone related items, have I got Pantone products for you!

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