Gucci 8-8-08 Limited Edition: 8 exclusive accessories that epitomize sporty luxury

Gucci 8-8-08 Limited Edition

Gucci is pleased to announce the creation of a special collection, “8-8-2008 Limited Edition”. Taking her cue from competitive sports, Creative Director Frida Giannini has conceived 8 exclusive accessories that epitomize sporty luxury. Read more

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Design You Turn On. And Vice Versa: JL Baril Water Faucets

Jl Baril Water Faucets at if it's hip, it's here

Founded in 1986, JL Baril has gained worldwide renown as a company that specializes in high-end quality faucets. In 2003, JL Baril joined forces with Lichen, a full-service communications firm that has a serious penchant for product design, creation and innovation. Always on the lookout for technical advances and creative developments around the world, JL Baril and Lichen consistently offer solutions and products which combine cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking design. Read more

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Viktor & Rolf’s Barbican Exhibit With Side By Side Comparisons of the Dolls & Fashions With The Runway Models

Viktor & Rolf's Barbican Exhibit

Welcome to the dollhouse. Viktor & Rolf’s Dollhouse, that is. Dutch fashion design duo Viktor & Rolf, whose runway shows have become increasingly imaginative over the years, employing everything from models wearing their own lighting and scaffolding to soot darkened faces and bodies, are showcasing some of their best and most interesting designs in a uniquely Viktor & Rolf sort of way. Read more

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Gold Medal Coverage of The Olympics Closing Ceremonies

No need for me to do a post on the Olympics Closing ceremonies when several online publications did such a nice job. Here’s a few for you:

The NY Times has a nice comprehensive post with John Branch’s live streaming coverage. Check out their post here.
Washington Post’s coverage here.
The UK’s Telegraph coverage.
Nice Coverage with CCTV’s streaming broadcast.

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Designer Strollers For The über Hip Baby: Starck, Kate Spade, Lulu Guiness, Shanghai Tang, Lacoste & Burberry for Maclaren

Designer maclaren Strollers IIHIH

What do hip designers Philippe Starck, Kate Spade, Lulu Guiness, Burberry, Shanghai Tang and Lacoste all have in common? They all design strollers, buggies, and more products for baby in collaboration with Maclaren.

Maclaren has consistently created revolutionary technology for baby strollers, buggies and prams and despite the loss of their founder, Owen Maclaren, continue to do so. In addition to their own nicely designed products, they have several collaborations with the aforementioned designers. Read more

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UPDATED: Keep Warm While Looking Cool: The Lippi Selk’Bag.

lippi selk bags

2013 Update: Since this original post, Selk Bag Sleep Wear has since been updated and is now available in different colors (all solids) and three variations; kids, lite, and adult. Read more

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Martin Klimas’ Exploding Photography

Martin Klimas, a Dusseldorf Photographer, likes to blow things up. And I don’t mean enlarging them, I mean literally making them explode. While he has a large portfolio of work, he has two series in particular that have unusual energy for still photography.

Below are images of his series of ceramic or porcelain figurines caught in the act of combusting.

And his series of flowers in exploding vases, expelling water and movement as the flower stays still and stoic.

To see all the photos from these series and more, check out his work at his site here.

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Need To Add Some Warmth To Your Home? These Chazelle Fireplaces Are Hot.

Chazelle fireplaces — Cheminées de Chazelle – offer a large range of enclosed fireplaces varying from rustic and traditional to modern and streamlined. Using materials like traditional stone, blue stone, granite, cement, metals and woods, they have wall mounted, inset, and traditional fireplaces that are as hot looking as they are functional. Below are a few of their more contemporary designs.

The Aleria:

The Antalya:

The Arche:

The Arlequin:

The Bambou:

The Biarritz:

The Boat:

The Fura:

The Fura Twin:

The Galet:

The Hossegor:

The Linea:

The Louise:

The Malte:

The Oostende:

The Opole:

The Pivoines:

The Tokyo:

The Venlo:

The Vittoria:

The Voissay:

To see their full range of heating products, go here.

Cheminées de Chazelles
Tel. : +33 (0)5 45 23 50 50
Fax : +33 (0)5 45 23 53 09

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Working In A Cube? Try Working In An Orb: The Globus Workstation

Globus Workstation

Nope, it’s not a space age prototype. It’s an actual produced product. And it’s available for purchase. Globus is a mobile work station (flexi-station) in two guises. In its closed form, this work station fascinates and intrigues-not unlike a modern office deathstar. It hides its function and intrigues onlookers. Read more

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