Modern Nixie Tube Clocks from BDDW, Chronotronix, Puhlmann and Peter J. Jensen

modern nixie tube clocks

Most Nixie tube clocks ordinarily look a little steam punk and a little scientific a là Thomas Dolby. But I found a few companies that make nixie clocks pretty enough for almost anyone’s taste. Read more

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Hot New Headwear: Luxurious & Artist Crash Helmets By Ruby

Les Atelier Ruby helmets are crash helmets for motorcyclists inspired by retro design but crafted with the most modern of technologies and luxurious of materials.

These are not your average motorcycle helmets. Complete with luxurious touches, unusual designs and colors, beautiful packaging and collaborations with artists and stores, designer Parisian Jerome Coste began this company after suffering six head injuries himself.

Above: art director and founder Jerome Coste.

The ultra light helmets made of carbon fiber from the aerospace industry that guarantees maximum strength. Their first collection, the Pavillion, has a rear fin in the back that was inspired by Knight’s helmets, chrome trim and a claret colored lining made of Nappa lambskin leather. Each helmet has their signature steel badge and comes carefully packaged in their stunning red box.

The chrome trim:

The claret Nappa lambskin interior:

Their attention to detail is evident in the images below.

The padding:

Airholes to release hot air:

Their chrome and red metal emblem:

The interior buckskin fabric is anit-bacterial:

The signature box:

Below are all the models from the Pavillion Collection.

In addition to these they have a signature collection of limited edition artist designed helmets. Below is the Pale Rider vs. Surfing Zombies by French Graffiti artist, Honet.

And the special editions shown below will be available at Colette:

Les Ateliers Ruby

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The Orb Prefab Home Offices, Vacation Homes & Corporate Structures

The Orb prefab

The Orb™ is a new generation of mobile structures created specifically to appeal across three distinct markets: commercial show units, holiday or vacation park homes and adaptable home offices. Read more

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Look What I Found! Cloned Eyeball Lamps, The Patriot Pin, All in One Plates, Cornerframes & The Pick Chair

Look what I found

It’s time for another round of “Look What I Found!” – a collection of images and links of unusual and super cool stuff worth checking out. Read more

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Brimming, Spilling, Deflecting… William Pye Has A Way With Water.

william pye water sculptures

Willam Pye is internationally known for his water sculptures. However most of them are located outside of the United States, so I wanted to share some of them with you. Read more

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Raising The Benchmark On.. Well, Benches.

Platform bench by George Nelson for Herman Miller and the leather Mies van der Rohe Bench for Knoll.

Once upon a time, given my old design snob tendencies, the only benches I’d consider owning were the classic slat bench, the Platform bench, by George Nelson for Herman Miller and the leather Mies van der Rohe Bench for Knoll. Both, shown below, are still worthwhile investments, but if you’re looking for a new modern bench, there’s no shortage of beautiful benches by fabulous designers out there. Read more

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Sorry Barbie, But Compared To Mooqla Dolls, You’re Just PWT*

If you don’t know Mooqla dolls, you’re about to be introduced to a series of exotically featured handmade silicone encased plastic dolls clad in the hippest of fashions. They make even Couture Barbie look like some serious *poor white trash. Read more

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To Celebrate Oz’s 70th, Designers Re-do Dorothy’s Kicks With Proceeds Benefitting Charity

Designers re-imagine Dorothy's ruby slippers
above: Sergio Rossi, Gwen Stefani and Moschino’s sketches of their versions of Dorothy’s ruby slippers

Swarovski Elements Embark on a Ruby Crystal-Studded 70th Anniversary Celebration of The Wizard of Oz by asking designers to re-interpret Dorothy’s Famous Ruby Slippers. Read more

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