Vanity Fair’s Hitchcock Recreations Compared To The Movie Originals

Hitchcock Recreations Compared To The Originals

I’m such a big Hitchcock fan I was giddy with excitement when I saw that Vanity Fair magazine opted to recreate some of his most famous and iconic scenes from 11 of his movies in their Hollywood Portfolio issue a few months ago. Read more

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Botanist Designer Series Benches Give Back

Botanist Designer Series Benches

Eight icons of design have joined forces with Orange22 Design Lab to launch the firm’s Blank Canvas Project: Botanist Designer Series Benches. Super high-profile designers, including Yves Behar, Karim Rashid, Milton Glaser and Massimo Vignelli, have created new editions of Orange22’s indoor-outdoor, eco-friendly Botanist furniture. Read more

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Neoshed: Hip Housing for Unfeathered and Feathered Folk

Neoshed prefab sheds and birdhouses

Neoshed makes architecturally stunning prefab sheds for use as an office or pool house or whatever you’d like. Equally attractive are their birdhouses and bird feeders. Read more

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Laura Goldstein’s Silk Down Cushions: Twice As Nice As Most Pillows

laura goldstein pillows

Laura Goldstein (aka Grotta & Co.) designs silk cushions that are about as divine as throw pillows get. Made with fine materials and down-filled, her stunning cushions are twice as nice given that the designs on either side are different and equally attractive. Read more

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EICHLERS: A Modern Vision. New paintings by Danny Heller Opens Today

As a huge fan of both artist Danny Heller and architect Joseph Eichler, the exhibit opening today at Terrence Rogers Fine Art, Eichlers: A Modern Vision, it’s no wonder I feel that this exhibit is a must see. The show consists of paintings of Eichler’s mid century modern architecture as they appear today. Read more

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Wedding Dishes They Didn’t Register For But Won’t Return.

wedding gifts

Okay, so your friends have already chosen their china pattern. And it’s gorgeous. But you really wanted to get them something unique and original in addition. I say ‘in addition’ because buying a couple a version of a product for which they registered, but not the actual one they chose, is just plain rude. Read more

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Jemal Wright Bath Designs: For Those Who Like A Bold or Blingy Bathroom

Jemal Wright Chromed Bathroom Furniture

Jemal Wright Bath Designs is unlikely to be mentioned in the same sentence as the words neutral, monochrome or tradition. Far from it. Jemal Wright Chromed Bathroom Furniture are bright, bold and blingy. The kind of toilets you’d refer to as a commode rather than a crapper. Read more

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Fu*k Me! Shoes: Chelsea Arts Club Artists Put Their Best Foot Forward

Fu*k Me! Shoes

The Chelsea Arts Club of the UK had a combination auction /burlesque show of artist decorated shoes, using Terry de Havilland platform wedges, called Fu*k Me! Shoes in 2006. Although 2 years old, the feats (feets?) of art are still worth sharing. Read more

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