Full Sized Legos For Grown Ups: LunaBlocks by Lunatic Construction

Designed and created by Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker, LunaBlocks are based on an original concept, the transformation and enlargement of bricks used in building games for children. (Gee, do you think they are referring to Legos®? Duh.)

Easily stacked together, functional and totally versatile, LunaBlocks are designed for the world of decoration and for the home.

Whether in the form of design objects, structures, contemporary furnishings or lighting, LunaBlocks may be used for any decorative idea. They may be adapted to any combination of materials and used in all sorts of architectural contexts.

Available in sets of one, two, four or eight pegs, LunaBlocks are made of innovative and timeless materials, including acrylic glass, Arpro®, metal and concrete.

Light and compact, opaque, transparent or luminous, the LunaBlocks series includes


Made of PMMA (Altuglas®), ABS or polycarbonate, LunaGlass can either be shiny, transparent, mat-finished or have an opal-colored reflection. Every season, new ranges of colors and new materials are used to reflect recent trends.

LunaSoft (for the kids):

LunaSoft is made of expanded polypropylene (Arpro®), an innovative material which provides great shock resistance. It is completely safe and is able to be used by children. Ultra-resistant and ultra-light, LunaSoft is a playful design object that can be easily stacked together. It is aesthetic, functional and resolutely avant garde.

Produced in versions having two, four and eight pegs, LunaSoft is primarily designed for interior decoration and for children’s use.The primary advantage of LunaSoft is that it is resistant and light.:

LunaLight (Luna pillow)
Made from natural rubber, the LunaPillow allow to use the other blocks as seats, banks, chairs. It can be stacked atop the other luna blocks to create comfortable seating .:

LunaShine (coming soon):
LunaShine is made of the same material as LunaSoft. Surprising and seductive, LunaShine combines brilliant, icy aesthetics and extreme lightness.

The crystallisation of its surfaces by a new and exclusive process gives it an incomparable “Chinese lacquer” appearance.

Known as the luxurious version of LunaSoft, produced with Two, Four and Eight pegs, ultra-light and easily put together, LunaShine is the most modern, the most surprising and the glossiest of all LunaBlocks®.

LunaMetal (cast in steel):

Lunatic Construction:
Inventors and builders of things ephemeral, Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker created LUNATIC CONSTRUCTION SAS in July 2007 so as to give the original concept of « Lunablocks® » every chance for success.

A creative idea thus became an innovative international marketing initiative. Thanks to technological innovation, a significant research program and a brave and independent entrepreneurial approach, the necessary corporate structures (Creative Design, Technical Studies, Printing, Production, Communications, Sales and Marketing) have been put into place to ensure future development.

Sponsored by OSEO Financement and OSEO Innovation Ile de France, LUNATIC CONSTRUCTION SAS is an innovative, young company that has qualified for funding from mutual funds specializing in innovation.

Buy them here at Artydandy

Or buy them here at Homology

Lunatic Construction SAS
12, impasse Deligny 75017 Paris France
tel +33 (0)1 44 40 01 44
fax +33 (0)1 44 40 02 44

République Innovation
18, rue du Faubourg du Temple 75011 Paris
tel +33 (0)1 55 28 17 77
fax +33 (0)1 47 00 15 14

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