Donatella Versace And Artist Tim Roelof Dress Up The Runway.

above: one of Tim Roelofs’ 3 dimensional collage pieces for versace and one of the four dresses from the collection

During fashion week in Milan, edgy Dutch collage artist Tim Roelof (based in Berlin) and Versace debuted their collaboration of fashionable, wearable art which consisted of four beautiful dresses utilizing artist Roelof’s style with Donatella’s designs and utilizing some of the famous Versace icons along with Berlin imagery.

Please note, the following text is from Wallpaper magazine:

Working with his own photographs and a pair of good ol’ fashioned scissors, Roeloffs’ three dimensional visual montages each depict an aspect of Berlin’s history and social landscape. For Versace, the artist created a total of twelve original works that were completed as recently as January this year.

Supplied with reference books by Versace, Roeloffs fused images from old ad campaigns with his trademark scenes of Berlin. The results range from people waiting for the tram dressed in Versace outfits from the 1980s, and figures lounging in a palatial interior filled with the label’s neo-classical furnishings and a fragmented skyline of Berlin in the background.

‘Donatella wanted to do something about Berlin because Gianni loved Berlin,’ Roeloffs said. Armed with a list of artists to vet, a design team from Versace was dispatched to the city, where they discovered the Berlin-based Roeloffs and his work.

‘I’ve been wearing the same clothes for the last 20 years, and I know nothing about fashion. I think they expected to meet someone in a suit. But I was very impressed with the result as I didn’t know how they planned to put photo-montages onto clothing. They did it very well and still maintained the dimensionality that’s in my work.’

Apart from specify that he work on both pink and yellow backgrounds, Versace gave Roeloffs the freedom to create what he liked. In addition to the Versace imagery, he was also given books relating to Gianni Versace’s personal interests, such as 1960s wallpaper, which inspired the floral motif that appears prominently in all four dresses.

Fresh off the back of our ‘Artists Relations’ story in this month’s issue, the sheer unexpectedness of this collaboration is what we found the most intriguing. While Versace epitomizes Italian glamour, Roeloffs is a true modern bohemian living in Prenzlauer Berg and exhibiting his work in the Tacheles, a bomb-damaged Jewish department store that is now a gallery run by an art collective in Berlin’s Mitte district. The two could not belong to further ends of the spectrum. 

When he attended last week’s Versace show in Milan, Roeloffs readily admitted, “I arrived in such a chaos by train because I brought my two dogs, three kids and my wife with me. Of course, there was a limousine to pick us up and it was really like coming from the gutter to being at their level.”

Here are some of Tim’s three dimensional collages that he created for the collection:

Below are a few more examples of Tim’s work:

See the artist’s site here.
The Versace site.

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The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Has A Luxury Safe To Match – And Other Bugatti Goodies.

Stockinger Safe Bugatti Veyron

If you thought Bugatti just made luxury vehicles, like the stunning Veyron 16.4 shown above, let me enlighten you. In addition to their own collection of luxury goodies, Bugatti, in conjunction with German luxury safe manufacturer, Stockinger, has come out with the limited edition (only 50 will be made) Stockinger Safe Bugatti, available in the same colors as the luxury vehicle. Read more

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The Virtual Shoe Museum Kicks Butt

The Virtual Shoe Museum
above: “High” by Bart Hess

Shoes have long been the subject of fetishes, books, art and tradition. From henna tattooed feet to bound feet to shoe designers like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, footwear is of interest to both shopaholics and penny pinchers. Whether you have a closet full of $500 shoes or just one pair of Birkenstocks, shoes are worn by just about everyone. Read more

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Revelation: The Culmination of Karim Rashid, Baccarat & Garrard

karim rashid revelation

A launch of $1,000,000 collection of 5 Luxury Spirits Bottles. In an extraordinary travel retail launch, Bombay Sapphire is to unveil Revelation – five handmade crystal bottles individually decorated with diamonds and sapphires, and priced at $200,000 USD each. Read more

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At 395$ A Bottle, You Won’t Be Beer-Bonging This Brew: Jacobsen Vintage Nr. 1

Jacobsen Vintage Nr. 1
Bottles of Vintage Nr. 1 sell for $395 USD and have 4 different labels designed by Frans Kannik

Danish brewery, Jacobsen Brewhouse (owned by Carlsberg), has produced the most expensive beer in the world. The crown jewel has been named Vintage Nr. 1, and comes corked and wax-sealed in a slender, misty green bottle, just like a bottle of vintage champagne. Read more

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Outside Art is More ‘In’ Than Ever. The Urban Art sale at Bonhams.

Urban Art Sale at Bonhamsabove: A gallery assistant at Bonhams auction house adjusts a painting by artist Banksy entitled ‘Save or Delete Jungle Book’ featured in Bonhams’ Urban Art sale (Source: Oli Scarff/Getty Images Europe)

Below is an article I found about graffiti art from the UK Sunday Times by Lindsay Baker. I’ve followed it with an update on the results from The Urban Art sale at Bonhams, auction house Bonham’s first ever auction devoted to Street Art, as well as with images and captions. Read more

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The Art of Robert Indiana & Alexandar Girard Are The Love & Heart Of Design. Literally.

The Art of Robert Indiana & Alexander Girard
above: Robert Indiana’s Love Sculpture in Philadelphia, 1976 (just one of several)

The Art of Robert Indiana and Alexander Girard contain some of the most recognizable icons of romance. Here’s a look at their enduring “LOVE” and “heart” art as well as products and home decor inspired by those pieces. Read more

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Super Bowl Rings, The Bling For The Past 44 Years

The Past 44 Super Bowl Rings
above: The most recent addition to the years of superbowl bling is the 2009 ring above awarded to the New Orleans Saints for their victory over the Indianapolis Colts from Super Bowl XLIV on feb 10, 2010 photo by Derick Hinkle

This post has been updated to include the rings from 2007, 2008 and 2009, so now that’s 44 rings. Read more

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Product Pick Of The Week: The Starck X Collection Modern Bath

Axor Starck X Collection

Not Starck. Starck X. In mathematics, the letter X stands for an unknown quantity. In Chinese Taoism, for elevation to the divine. In bath design, it represents the start of a new era. In his Starck X series, designer Philippe Starck maximizes minimalism. Read more

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