Where To Stay In Berlin? How About An Art Gallery That Sleeps Fifty. The Arte Luise Kunsthotel.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Often called a “gallery where you can spent the night” in one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods, The Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin has 50 rooms — each of which have been designed by a different artist. Read more

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Swarovski Studs Anything That Stands Still. From Bandaids to Bathroom Sinks, Crystallized Items.

Swarovski- studded items hero IIHIH

Okay readers… everyone seems so into crystal studded stuff these days, I’ve done weeks worth of research to share with you some of Swarovski’s history, their offerings and several Swarovski studded items available on the market with links to all of them. Read more

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Good Fun for Good Dogs. And A Good Cause

puparazzi pups
Bruce Woofless, Clint Barkwood, Angelina Grrrowlie and Doggy Depp by Haute Diggity Dog

Is your loving companion a good dog?
Why not reward him or her with a mouthful of Rosie O’ Doggell or Brad Pittbull?
You’ll not only make your dog happy, but other dogs as well. What am I talking about? Read on. Read more

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Peter Tucker Roomboxes: Modern Interior Design, On a Different Scale.

Peter Tucker Roomboxes
above: Art Deco City room (look at the Corbusier Chairs and lucite table!)

Before you simply glance at the pictures below and think you are simply viewing yet another series of beautifully designed modern interiors… STOP and realize these are miniature models. Read more

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Premium Vodka Distillers Drunk With Design

premium vodka bottles

I can’t help but notice how many new “Luxury” Vodkas are entering the market these days. Premium distilled award-winning Vodkas with stunning bottle designs to match.Whether they contain actual gold flakes, like Shaw-Ross Importers “Gold Flake Vodka” or Swarovski Crystals like “Diva Vodka”, clearly alcohol and luxury are becoming popular bedfellows. Read more

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