Inked Oinkers: Tattooed Pigs by Wim Delvoye (UPDATED PICS)

tattooed pigs by wim delvoye

Tattoos have become less of a taboo and far more mainstream in the past decade. Two reality shows are focused on tattoo artists, many magazines are published specifically about the craft and tons of products have hit the market that either sport tattoos or are tattoo-inspired, be them dishes, furniture or clothes. Read more

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Meredith Dittmar’s Polymer Musings

Meredith Dittmar is an artist living and playing in Portland OR. Born near Boston Mass, she grew up in a world of pet pigs, horses, hay-forts and spy games . Follow this with an education in computer science, a career in interactive design, a compulsive need to create, and a drive to Seek and you get the major elements of her person and work.

Dittmar’s human-animal-plant-energy amalgams contain threads of common elements and colors to express deep levels of union across themes of biology, technology, and consciousness . Her characters are frequently involved in quiet expressive moments, or lounge facing their audience so they can share their inner space. Dittmar believes it is this space we recognize in ourselves, and through convening in that space, the interconnectedness of all things is revealed. She sees the act of spontaneous artistic creation as part of a larger practice of being present, and a way to better understand herself and reality.

Above: Meredith at work

Dittmar’s work is featured in the books Dot dot Dash and Mascotte 2, along with numerous magazines and online publications. In conjunction with her artwork she works as an independent character designer and maintains her company Corporatepig, through which she continues to create thousands of unique handmade characters called “My Guys”.

Each is approximately 4″ tall and is ‘one of a kind’. They sell out immediately upon posting (you have to be on her e-mail list) because the pirce for these sweet little ‘guys’ is only $18 a piece for the originals.

Here are some (sold already) pictured below.

In addition to these “one-offs” she sells “clones’ too on her site.. Multiple versions of the same sweet creatures. These are only $12 a piece and although not as unique, equally adorable and incredibly affordable at only 12$ a piece. Here are a few of those:

Lest you think she only makes cute little “guys’, her art, polymer mounted on plexiglass, is something to behold as well:

Above: detail from artwork above

About Meredith:

Meredith Dittmar was born outside of Boston Mass. A self taught artist – she first started sculpting at UMass while trying to avoid getting her computer science degree. After graduating and several years pursuing the backcountry on her snowboard she worked as an interactive designer/programmer – her digital works having been shown in international film festivals, exhibits and magazines.

She has since put the digital realm on the back burner to pursue 3-dimensional passions. Over ten thousand completely UNIQUE “guys” have been created and successfully adopted in the last 10 years. Along with her 3d “doodles” she creates larger hung environments inspired by nature, Consciousness, and the various diverse music scenes she has participated in over the years. Meredith currently lives, explores the outdoors, and seeks the zone in Portland Oregon with her husband Randy, dog Oscar and crew of amazing peeps.

Her present show:

The Evolution of Psychepolymereganics by Meredith Dittmar
OCT 04 – 31 2007
Reception: Oct 4th @ 7:00pm

click here to see her newest pieces for sale!

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Aaron R. Thomas Gallery Opens in Costa Mesa

My regular readers may recall that I did a post on Aaron R. Thomas’ acrylic pieces way back in March.

And, as my uncanny ability to predict trends proves, yesterday’s LA Times featured a story on the new opening of their California gallery.

Aaron R. Thomas to open a.r.t.a.e. gallery October 11, 2007

Furniture designer Aaron R. Thomas, known for bent acrylic tables and chairs beloved by fans of Hollywood Regency and 1970s design, will open the gallery a.r.t.a.e. on Saturday.

The new 4,000-square-foot space, a collaboration with artist Anne Ewen, is not only a showcase for pieces such as the Waterfall table ($1,825), shown above with the new silk-screened Antiquities umbrella holder ($380), but also a venue for Thomas and Ewen to exhibit their ethereal abstract paintings.

Event runs 7 to 11 p.m.
2777 Bristol St., Suite D,
Costa Mesa; (714) 434-1113;

If you can’t make it to the actual opening or new gallery, you can shop their products online here.

Way to go guys! Congratulations!

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Saarinen’s Tulip Chair & Table Go Platinum for 50th Anniversary

saarinen 50th anniversary collection

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Eero Saarinen’s now iconic collection, Knoll has introduced these tables, chairs and stool with a platinum finish as well as re-introducing the wood (rosewood and teak) tabletops. Read more

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A Great Idea : Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper

Here’s a very interesting design project by Schuyuan, a recent grad from the University of Portsmouth, (who speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese…by the way).

Called Design with Life, the project, as described by the artist, was “ explore a new definition of decoration which brings life to design” .

A very compelling part of the project described above is their Heat-Sensitive wallpaper, which when activated actually blossoms flowers (see below).

Below: Radiator Off

….and with the heat from the radiator on:

A section from the nicely designed brochure that accompanied the project describing the wallpaper’s reaction at different room temperatures:

What a fun interactive and creative idea. No doubt some interesting design firm will snap up this recent graduate. I bet Schuyuan will not be looking for work for very long. Go to the artists’site to see more.

Contact info:
The artists’ e-mail:

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Vandals Punch Hole in Priceless Monet

Above: Monet’s “Le Pont D’Argenteuil” , 1874 at the Museé D’Orsay
photo by Thibault Camus/Associated Press

The Associated Press

PARIS — Intruders entered the Orsay Museum early Sunday and punched a hole in a renowned work by Impressionist painter Claude Monet, “Le Pont d’Argenteuil,” the French Culture Minister said.

A surveillance camera caught a group entering the museum, located on the Left Bank of the French capital along the Seine River and housing a major collection of Impressionist artists like Monet.

An alarm sounded and the group left, but not before damaging the painting, an aide to Culture Minister Christine Albanel said by telephone.

No arrests were immediately made.

Albanel told France-Info radio that the painting could be restored, but she deplored what she said was an attack on “our memory, our heritage.”

“This splendid Monet painting (was) punched right in the middle,” the minister said with emotion.

According to the aide, a 10-centimetre tear was made in the Monet, perhaps with a fist. The official, not authorized to speak publicly of the matter, asked not to be named.

It was not immediately clear how many people were in the group that broke into the museum.

Monet led the 19th century Impressionist movement, experimenting notably with light and colour in works now deemed priceless.

“Le Pont d’Argenteuil” shows a view of the Seine at a rural bend, featuring a bridge and boats.

Albanel told France-Info that she would doubtless seek improved security in museums and stronger sanctions against those who desecrate art. “This is not tolerable,” she said.

The break-in occurred as Paris held its annual all-night festival, which brings thousands of people into the streets for music, exhibits and fun.

Above: A nearly 4-inch tear is seen in renowned work by Impressionist painter Claude Monet, “Le Pont d’Argenteuil,” at the Orsay Museum in Paris.

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Meet Rasmus Fenhann: A Contemporary Craftsman

In my usual scouring of the web, I came across a young and very talented craftsman named Rasmus Fenhann. His work is beautiful and I wanted to share it with you. Read more

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